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Huesera: The Bone Woman, A Review

Huesera: The Bone Woman

A Chilling Look Into The Excitement And Anxieties Of Motherhood

Huesera: The Bone Woman is a supernatural horror film released in February 2023. The movie is the directorial debut of Michelle Garza Cervera, who worked on the writing and production for this film as well. Before that release, it first premiered at the Tribeca Festival in New York last year in June. Soon it’ll be released for the streaming platform Shudder. The story follows a young wife Valeria, who becomes pregnant when strange and dark forces move on her and her unborn child. 

The Anxieties Of Reality With Supernatural Terror

After Valeria announced her pregnancy, much excitement entered her life as she expected this moment for a long time. Yet soon, the joy of motherhood moved aside to tension and fear as Valeria notices strange occurrences around her and an evil presence promises to torment her, making her question her true feelings. As the film progresses, there is a darkness in Valeria’s past and as her anxieties become worse it becomes left in the air how she truly feels about having a baby.

Given the premise and thematic nature of the film, it’s easy to see the parallels between Huesera: The Bone Woman and Rosemary’s Baby, a horror film following a pregnant woman suffering from similar circumstances. In fact, both films play with the very real fears many inexperienced mothers tend to bear when bringing their first children into the world. Despite the similar premise, Huesera brings a unique perspective to the horror that Rosemary’s Baby barely touches on.

Following Valeria’s Struggles and Inner Demons

Valeria’s plight and anxious nature is a fairly realistic approach of a young Hispanic woman driven by both tradition and family pressure. Natalia Solián portrayed Valeria perfectly to show her desire for happiness while portraying her inner turmoil. As the movie reveals, Valeria is torn between several feelings and obligations. A feeling that binds many young adults in small communities. A key feature of her portrayal is the character’s habit of popping the joints in her body, creating a very audible and eerie bone-snapping effect that worsens in most moments.

Huerera: The Bone Woman

Valeria’s family and husband are portrayed very realistically as well. The couple is shown to be affectionate and supportive, which leads to several tearjerkers as Valeria’s insanity-induced fears start overcoming them. Her family doesn’t help as they essentially fault her for many things, creating tension and giving her cause to fall to the influence of her anxieties. These character dynamics are a part of many modern Latin families and have a balance of healthy and unhealthy elements. Most horror films wouldn’t shy away from making the family members toxic. Huesera makes an effort to show that there is plenty of support. Especially from Valeria’s husband.

Impending Dread And Expecting Horror

The diverse changes of the film’s atmosphere flows fluently between relief and tension. This is executed by following Valeria’s day-by-day life and routine. Night time scenes usually revolve around waiting for jump scares that affect Valeria and lead into her next emotional fit. The psychological anticipation for what comes next relies on the keen cinematography displayed throughout the movie. Many close-ups of Valeria’s face and eyes show whether she’s relaxed or in a state of anxiety. The city is full of color and vibrance during the day, but by night many of these colors are muted, with a focus on darkness and the faint lights left.

The audio and sound mixing is second to none and is the most effective element in horror. The snapping of bones, creaking of joints, and the thumping of footsteps feel much louder compared to the subdued soundtrack. Just like how day and night create different cinematic tones, music becomes much more prevalent during the day, whereas nighttime forces viewers to focus on the sound effects. The film spends a decent hour slowly building on this tension while following the degradation of Valera’s life until the final act, where the reveal of the supernatural danger gets full attention.

Final Rating

Overall, Huesera: The Bone Woman is a fascinating dive into a vapid community of people and how they affect one lonely woman who wanted happiness and approval from her family and peers. Like many horror stories, there is a sense of “Is this a dream, delusion, or actual haunting?” since Valeria herself isn’t one hundred percent rational and had a lot of issues to work through. Even without the supernatural aspect in the story, the film works well as a realistic showcase of the usual concerns of a budding family, along with the desire for freedom. Michelle Cervera outdid herself with this story and the fresh direction she took with the known cliches of supernatural horror. This is a must-watch recommendation once it’s released on Shudder, fitting for this bone-chilling story.

Huesera: The Bone Woman

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