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CineXposé Winners Join Dead Talk Live

CineXposé Winners.

A Moment in the Winner’s Circle

On May 11, 2023, winners of the 2022 CineXposé sat down with Dead Talk Live to speak on their film, process, and inspiration. It was an interesting introduction to a talented group of short filmmakers passionate about their craft.

The space was filled with laughter yet intense focus as the recent winners sat ready to dive into their various projects. The panel consisted of four talented directors: Fernando Torres Casado, César Adriazola Mieres, Alvaro Leivas Fernandez, and David Alcalde, along with the CineXposé director Efrain Rodriguez.

Each proud winner was fully expressive of the honor received for the recognition of their original entries into CineXposé. This independent film showcase allows talented directors to express their most profound and creative visions. While the conversation was measured, it was informative.

Mining The Minds of Winners

Before the dive, the Festival Director and Creator, Efrain Rodriguez, spoke to the level of talent and number of submissions for CineXposé 2022. He attested to the elevation of content, which made it even more competitive. This made it an extreme delight for viewers with intrigue for a circle of winners poised to discuss what set them apart.

The conversation began with Fernando Torres Casado and an exploration of his short film submission, Interferencias. Casado’s Interfercencias is a  supernatural thriller that earned him the distinction of  Best Scare/shocking moment and best special effects, and it was nothing short of brilliant. Next up was César Adriazola Mieres, who discussed the concept behind his entry On the Edge. And it, too, was a piece impressive in its imaginative presentation. On The Edge won in the category of the best short film to be depicted in 14 minutes or less.

Following Mieres was David Alcade, who dove into his film Sobrevida a shocking apocalyptic survivalist thriller that won in the category for the best short film presented in 15 minutes or less. Finally, the spotlight shifted to Alvaro Leivas Fernandez, director of the short film Milango De Espino, a gem of a film set apart for its compelling and symbolic story, earning him the best original concept award. 


Unparalleled Moments of Inspiration

Together, the group of panelists represented the crème of the crème. And there was so much to derive from these inspired creators. This episode presented an introspective look at a treasure of talent not always explored. So, for aspirational filmmakers, this is a gem of a segment, a full demonstration of what is possible when inspiration, aspiration, and perspiration intermingle. So, if you missed these talents live, you can catch the recap. Viewers will not be sorry they did.

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