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Dynamic Duo Gary Smart and Christopher Griffiths to Grace Dead Talk Live 

Christopher Griffiths (Gary Smart)

A Dynamic Hour with Talented Dynamos

On May 17, 2023, Dead Talk Live will host some exceptional guests. These men are perfectors of their craft and never cease to leave an impression with their work. Gary Smart and Christopher Griffiths have set aside time to explore their newest project, career, and inspirations on Dead Talk Live.  

Their work is not without recognition but rightly so. Smart and Griffiths are long-time collaborators, building on their portfolio one impressive project at a time. And undoubtedly, they pair have brought to the masses some stellar projects, the most recent being Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story. For ultimate horror fans, this is a sweet topping on the most delectable dessert, for there is nothing that signifies terror like Englund in his persona of titular boogeyman Freddy Kreuger in the feature franchise Nightmare on Elm Street

Gary Smart and Christopher Griffiths

Both Smart and Griffiths are masters in their field, writing, producing, and directing unforgettable documentaries that stick with their viewers. For those that don’t know, they are also the creatives who brought audiences the informative and scintillating 2021 Documentary Pennywise: The Story of It. However, now they are back. But, of course, their collaborative path predates this feature. The two have additionally worked together on an anthology series many might be familiar with entitled Dark Ditties Presents. 


Robert Englund

Who Should Tune In

For fans of Kreuger, the king of nightmares and the terrifier of dreamscapes, you will want to take advantage of this intriguing segment. This is a must-watch for students of the art of developing and presenting documentaries that are not only entertaining but indelible. Of course, for those who are ultimate Gary Smart and Christopher Griffiths fans or purveyors of horror, tune in to tomorrow’s episode.  

The show is scheduled for 4:20 pm Eastern Time on May 17, 2023. And it promises to be an hour of some enthralling content. So, do not forget to set those reminders. 

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Story of Robert Englund (2022). Official Cinedigm Entertainment Group Trailer. 

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