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How PAC Indie Horror Games Make Nostalgia Scary

Transforming Childhood Innocence Into Something Creepy

PAC Indie Horror games have taken inspiration from childhood nostalgia. Poppy Playtime asks the question, “What if living toys existed?”. While Amanda The Adventurer asks the question, “What if the characters are alive?”. Then there is the most recent game, Garten of Banban. It seems to have taken inspiration from its predecessors. These games came to life after the most notable game, Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The Old Game: Five Nights at Freddy’s

People have associated Five Nights at Freddy’s with Chuck E. Cheese. This PAC Indie Horror game uses performing animatronics like the franchise mentioned. Not only that but also it’s a pizzeria that’s advertised as children’s entertainment. The only difference is that they roam freely at night. This makes the nostalgia of one’s childhood scary. A person who used to frequent Chuck E. Cheese can’t look at the children’s place the same again. One can’t help but think of the possibility of those animatronics coming to life and chasing them.

Poppy Playtime and Amanda The Adventurer

Poppy Playtime takes it to another level with the choice of toy designs. There is Huggy Wuggy which is a plush that children tend to let their guard down around. The new enemy in “Chapter 2: Fly in the Web”, Mommy Long Legs, takes inspiration from Betty Spaghetty. It was a famous toy in the ’90s and 2000s. But those aren’t the only toys in the games. There is also Boogie Bot which has taken inspiration from robot toys like Anki Vector. Of course, there is also Poppy, a doll that is truly alive and who seems to be helping the protagonist. Poppy is a classic doll that is for girls that like to care for their toys much like American Girl Dolls.

Seeing how all these toys have inspiration from real-life examples makes one wonder. Should they have trusted their toys when they were younger? Or maybe they can’t look at their old toys the same. They can’t help but picture terrifying sharp teeth. And most frightening, them having a conscience with no sense of good or evil.

Next is Amanda The Adventurer who seems to have had inspiration from children’s TV shows. That’s what makes this PAC Indie Horror game unique. Dora The Explorer’s similar name and show theme may have influenced the inspiration. This game is fairly new compared to Poppy Playtime. But what this game offers is having a children’s TV show become sinister. What seems to be a TV show for children turns out to be Amanda controlling the narrative. She hears everything and this makes the interactions with her creepy. Amanda even has an animal companion, Wooly, who seems to not like her. So, going back to children’s TV shows one might enjoy, will not feel the same once playing this game.

Dora The Explorer is just one example though. There are many with similar themes and only a few of them talk to the viewers. So, people can create many connections with the ones they know. This makes it easier for the players to associate them with their favorite childhood characters. So, maybe they were being heard the whole time.

The New Game: Garten of Banban  

Lastly, a new game has surfaced, Garten of Banban. This game doesn’t seem to be a classic PAC Indie Horror game but is worth mentioning. With three chapters out and more of the story unfolding, this game seems to touch on a lot of things. It has the classic mascots created via experiments. It all takes place in an abandoned building. More than one enemy stalks the player, and it employs a colorful, yet sinister atmosphere.

Garten of Banban takes inspiration from previous games and meshes it together. It has a play area where the player has to defeat Opila, an ostrich. Along with other characters that teach you about what’s right and wrong. So, one might be picking up one thing after another about what sort of childhood experiences they’ve had. Of course, the only difference would be that the mascots aren’t alive and chasing them.

Final Thoughts

Overall as one looks back into their childhood in search of nostalgia, they might not be able to escape the questions of “What if…?”. These games have offered answers to these questions and there’s only more to discover. These PAC Indie Horror games make nostalgia scary. And they do this by turning childhood innocence into something creepy.

Start a terrifying walk down memory lane, and don’t look at toys the same way again after watching the Poppy’s Playtime trailer below. 

Poppy Playtime 2021 Official MOB Entertainment Trailer

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