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Metallica – 72 Seasons (2023): A Review


Will It Cause You To Bang Your Head, Or Will It Make You “Sleepwalk your Life Away?”


Metallica is a metal band that has been around since the early 80s and is responsible for some of the best heavy metal songs, such as “One” or “Master of Puppets.” To this day, they are still together and performing, which can’t be said for most other bands or artists from around that time period. Their most recent album, 72 Seasons, was released in April of 2023, and it contains twelve all new singles totaling around 77 minutes of head banging, finger raising heavy metal. All of it can be heard across different music platforms, such as Spotify and Pandora, and the music videos are available to watch on Youtube. But is this album any good? Or does it deserve to be crowned the title of “King Nothing?”

A Rockin Cover

The art on the cover of the album looks very appealing. The combination of black and yellow makes the cover pop out and stand out in comparison to other albums. Another positive about the cover is that it perfectly reflects the title of 72 Seasons, which is a reflection of the first 18 years of life. With the broken crib and the miscellaneous stuff laying on the ground, it can be assumed that these items correlate with some of the band member’s younger years. 

Hardcore Instrumentals

In terms of the song’s instrumentals…yeah, it’s Metallica. Their signature hard, grunge metal rhythm and frequent use of awesome guitar solos that they used back in the 80s are still evident in this album. However, it can be said that some of their songs in this album can be too similar, both in the album and in Metallica’s discography as a whole. 

In Metallica’s older albums, some songs within that album can be easily distinguishable due to some of the songs sounding so different. For example, it’s easy to identify which song is “One” and which one is “And Justice for All” just by listening to their instrumentals. However, the same can’t necessarily be said with 72 Seasons. Some of the songs sound so similar to each other, the only difference being their BPMs. They are distinguishable in some aspects, but not very much due to all of them having the same sounding instruments. The only track on the album that stands out the most is “Inamorata,” and that’s due to the fact that it’s the longest song on the album.


Some of the songs also sound too similar to their older songs. For example, “Sleepwalk My Life Away” sounds very similar to “Enter Sandman,” with the same BPM and a similar guitar riff that is used throughout the song. Another example is “Chasing Light,” which sounds like a more extreme sounding “Sad but True.” So while the instrumentals sound good, they are easily comparable with Metallica’s other, better songs. 


In terms of how the lyrics sound, James Hetfield certainly still has it. He still has that unique “Thrash Metal” baritone bark that makes Metallica stand out from the rest. Listening to Metallica’s Black album from the 1980s and listening to 72 Seasons back-to-back, it is hard to tell the difference between Hetfield’s vocals.

Like most of Metallica’s bigger hits, such as “The Unforgiven” or “Nothing Else Matters,” the lyrics in most of these singles are very deep and/or have some meaning to them. This is most evident in their longest song on the album (and their longest song ever), “Inamorata,” which details the pain and suffering one can feel when someone breaks up or is hurt by their significant other and is a whopping eleven minutes long. Considering that most of Metallica’s songs don’t touch on the topic of love or romance, “Inamorata” was a fairly decent listen. There are times when a phrase or word is repeated to the point where it can be repetitive to some. Listen to “Crown of Barbed Wire” and take a drink every time James Hetfield says “so tight.”


Overall, the album is pretty solid in terms of quality and sound. Some aspects in some of the singles could be considered repetitive, and the instrumental seems to overlap with some of their other songs, but for a Metallica fan who enjoys that specific style of music, it isn’t much of a downside. If this pops up on Pandora or Spotify, it is nice to listen to, but their older albums would still be considered a better choice. If you heard all other Metallica songs from older albums, you pretty much heard what 72 Seasons has to offer. More of the same with little difference.


Metallica: 72 Seasons – Global Premiere (Official trailer)

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