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Fast X (2023): A Review

Fast X

An Endless Road Of Sequels

All In The Family

The Fast and The Furious franchise hit their peak with the seventh film, Furious 7, leading to a slow decline with the eighth and ninth installments. The films became known for escalating the absurdity of some of the action sequences, such as having cars outracing a submarine or sending two people into space in a car. The films continued to try and push the limits of reality, leading to a decline in the quality of the films. However, Fast X brings it back to the era of the fourth and seventh films by still bending the logic of some action sequences, but not going to extreme lengths.

Directed by Louis Leterrier, Fast X follows Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and the rest of the family as a new threat has emerged, scattering them across the globe. The new threat, Dante (Jason Momoa), is hunting the family down for revenge due to something from their past. Dominic must find a way to stop Dante before he takes someone he loves away from him. 

Back To Basics

Since the films have increasingly become more absurd, it felt like the previous two films forgot to focus on the characters. Dominic Toretto became a boring character as he gained superpowers and became unstoppable, as the rest of the cast essentially became comedic relief. By splitting up the group for this film, it allowed for many of the characters to have a spotlight for a second but still lacked many of them having a true character arc. With each passing film, the family continued to grow, with this film feeling like the Avengers: Infinity War of the Fast & Furious franchise. The film has many characters and casts all across the world, with each character being given a brief moment to shine before cutting quickly away to focus on another group of characters. Likewise, since this film is the first part of what originally was planned as a two-part finale, now hinted by Vin Diesel as possibly a three part-finale, the film felt more like a setup rather than its own stand-alone movie

The film gathers the countless characters across the 11 films (including Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw) and brings them together for this film, essentially turning it into a team-up movie. On the surface, seeing all of the fan favorites together in theory, is nice. However, it leads to the film feeling unfocused. There are many story threads and subplots occurring at once, with a couple of them feeling unnecessary and purely inserted into the film out of contractual obligations for their characters to be included. Along the way, the film includes a few more new comers, adding to the already bloated roster of characters. The performances are passable for a Fast & Furious film, but with some awkward dialogue, they came off as more cheesy than anything. 

Fast X

Freshening the Franchise

Across the films, great directors have stepped behind the camera including Justin Lin, James Wan, F. Gary Gray, and David Leitch. They all brought a unique sensibility to the direction of the films, especially in terms of how the action is handled. Despite the franchise growing a little stale, Louis Leterrier was able to find creative ways to showcase the action by including more single-take shots. During all of the car chase sequences, the action felt smoother and followed the cars more, making it easier to follow along with what is occurring during each sequence. It made the scenes more exciting and thrilling—something that is typically hard to do this many films deep in a franchise.

As previous installments have suffered, the film is littered with logistical issues. If previous Fast & Furious films never interested viewers, this isn’t the film that will suddenly turn them into a fan. However, fans of the previous movies will likely enjoy the thrill ride this one presents. It’s filled with exciting car action sequences and has all of the wittiness among characters that fans have come to expect. Although it doesn’t break any new ground for the franchise, it provides more of what audiences have loved about the movies while hinting at the exciting potential to come. Depending on if the next part can resolve the story in a satisfying way, this film stands as an enjoyable flawed beginning of the end for an already delightfully flawed franchise. 

Fast X

Fast X (2023): Official Trailer

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