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Martin Carr to Explore His Craft with Dead Talk Live

Martin Carr

An Afternoon With Martin Carr


On Tuesday, May 23rd, Dead Talk Live will host none other than Film Critic Martin Carr. Carr, who now provides his skills as a critic for Rotten Tomatoes, the famed film review site, will give insight into his work, among other things. Lovers of film, analysis, the breakdown, and what goes into the job of an entertainment analyst/critic will undoubtedly desire to tune in. This will prove to be an interview that is both informative and intriguing.

Rotten Tomatoes

If there is one thing that film fans are familiar with, it is film reviews or, more formally, critiques. And review sites are often one of the most popular resources for moviegoers in weighing a film’s quality before committing to watching. One of the most popular go-to’s is  Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes is known for providing quality critical analysis of films. As noted on the official webpage, “As the leading online aggregator of movie and TV show reviews from critics, Rotten Tomatoes provide fans with a comprehensive guide to what’s Fresh – and what’s Rotten – in theaters and at home.” And that is an invaluable tool. 


Martin Carr "Rotten Tomatoes"

Martin Carr

Martin Carr will take his spot as the featured guest at 1 pm on May 23rd and spend an hour bringing viewers into his world. Carr, who has written hundreds of reviews, has quite the showcase of work. But rightly so. He is not merely a film critic but a vetted Entertainment Journalist, a Freelance Writer, and contributor to platforms such as Yahoo, Radio Times, We Got This Covered, and Flickering Myth. His industry coverage is broad, making him a trusted and valuable resource in and of himself. As a fellow industry colleague pontificated on Carr’s behalf, “He is a solid reviewer who delivers both quality and quantity and on time.” What he brings to the table is excellence in crafting a “unique perspective, never compromising on opinion.”

Who Should Watch?

If you have a penchant for getting an understanding for what goes into critiquing entertainment industry fare, Dead Talk Live is where you want to tune in. Or if it moves you to see others within the industry expound upon their experience this segment is for you. So again, plug in to see what Dead Talk Live’s upcoming guest has to share. You have got to be there.

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

Reel Reviews: Martin Carr (2023). Official Youtube Video.

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