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Mortal Kombat 2: Ten Characters We Want In The Sequel

Mortal Kombat 2

With Over 100 Charcaters To Choose From, Here Are The Most Desired

Finding the ten most wanted Mortal Kombat characters is no easy task. Nonetheless, it’s a good time to be alive for Mortal Kombat fans. Not only is the newest entry in the series set to launch later this year but there is also a new CGI trailer hinting at what players can expect. However, this is not the only cause for celebration, as production for the sequel to 2021’s Mortal Kombat is seemingly in full swing. New Zealand actor Karl Urban, who is known for his roles in Star Trek, Dredd, and The Boys, has been approached to play the role of Johnny Cage. This should be of no surprise to viewers of the first film as his posters could be seen at the end of the film.

Since Cage is confirmed to be in the sequel, fans are anxiously awaiting confirmation as to who else may appear in the new film. The list of possibilities is unsurprisingly long since the series has been around for thirty-one years. To make things fair, surviving characters from the first film will not be included on this list. Also, since the series is known for bringing back dead characters, characters that died in the first film will not be included.

10. Bo’ Rai Cho

Mortal Kombat 2This character practices the drunken fist style, which was popularized by Jackie Chan in Drunken Master. Despite being obese, Bo’ Rai Cho is considered a remarkable warrior and even trained Liu Kang and Kung Lao. Aside from a unique fighting style, this character uses his own vomit while fighting. This is a realistic and disgusting take on the popularized fighting style. One such move in the game sees him puking on the floor causing his opponent to slip and be left open for an attack. If he were to be included in the sequel, he could serve as a mentor to the surviving characters like Liu Kang. Despite his advanced age, Jackie Chan could still fit into this role and would be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the style he popularized. A must-see fatality for the character involves him farting in front of an open fire and engulfing his opponent in a disgusting green fire.

9. Quan Chi

Mortal Kombat 2While certainly not the biggest or most iconic villain on this list, Quan Chi is an important character for the franchise. He can best be described as almost a puppeteer or puppet master, controlling others from the shadows. He is responsible for creating the infamous feud between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. His character is useful if for nothing else but to receive hate and make others pray for his downfall. This, in turn, would make his death all the more satisfying for viewers. Another purpose that this character could serve is to establish Sinnouk as a possible future villain. Sinnouk is a fallen god and would serve as a great end-game boss, similar to what Marvel did. This would also open the door to other characters eventually coming into the fold, such as Cassie Cage, Sonya Blade, and Johnny Cage’s daughter. While none of his finishers stand out amongst his peers, Quan Chi can steal fatalities from other characters. It would be cool to see him steal a move from an already deceased character from the previous film.

8. Sindel

Mortal Kombat 2Mother to Kitana and wife to Shao Khan, Sindel is a true siren. Using her voice to literally make her opponents explode would certainly make for some interesting death scenes. Her design is also unique in that it screams eighties glam metal opera. Since Johnny Cage can be best described as the epitome of an eighties action hero, it would be cool to see them do something with a sort of eighties atmosphere. She could serve as motivation for Kitana to fight against Shao Kahn. In this case, it would be unlikely to see her as a combatant in the film. If she were allowed to fight, it would be interesting to see her use her siren abilities to destroy her opponents. She even has one move that has her literally screaming her enemy’s skin off. Her hair also functions as a deadly weapon as she uses it to chop opponents into tiny pieces.

7. Baraka

Mortal Kombat 2If Reptile has one of the coolest character designs, then Baraka has one of the scariest designs. With shark-like teeth and retractable claws, he resembles a demon more than a fighter. Add to this the fact that he and every member of his race is a cannibal and this film suddenly turns into a horror movie. It would be an utter failure on their part to include this character and not have him eat someone as a sort of finisher. Including this character would also serve to highlight the total ruthlessness of Shao Khan. On one hand, you have a demonic race that survives by devouring their own. On the other, you have someone powerful enough to conquer them. His fighting style matches his appearance as it is incredibly ruthless. As for his fatalities, one of his moves has serious Wolverine vibes as it involves him stabbing his claws deep into his opponent’s torso and holding them in the air.

6. Skarlet

Mortal Kombat 2This particular character is more creepy than scary. Skarlet is a follower of blood magic, meaning she obtains her power through the blood of others almost like a vampire. In a series rife with blood and gore, Skarlet stands out as the literal embodiment of what this series is known for. As the adoptive daughter of Shao Khan and a personal assassin, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to include her in a couple of scenes. It would especially be cool to see her use her assassin techniques to sneak up on an unsuspecting target and force their blood to exit through every possible orifice. She has one particular fatality that sees her using the blood of her enemy to explode their heart out of their chest. As long as a fountain of blood rushes out, this could be one of the best fatalities in the film.

5. Meat

Mortal kombat 2While certainly less well-known than the rest of the entries on this list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less outlandish than the rest. This character is exactly what its name implies, meat but in the shape of a body. While more of a gag character in the games, this entry would make a gruesome inclusion in the film. Imagine a sorcerer such as Quan Chi summoning a body of meat to fight for him. Not only would this serve as a cool little reference of sorts, but also a way to show Quan Chi’s incredible power. While this character does not have any outstanding fatalities, he can use various parts of his body as weapons. One particular move sees him rolling his own head at the opponent like a bowling ball. If nothing else, his inclusion could provide a moment of comedic relief.

4. Kenshi 

Mortal kombat 2Blind swordsmen have always been classic figures of intrigue. Comparable to a blind pianist, it’s almost impossible to comprehend how such a combination could exist. In famous films such as The Tale of Zatoichi, which follows a blind samurai, the swordsman can compensate for his lost sight through his other senses. This particular swordsman, however, relies on his telekinetic powers, which honestly feels equally ridiculous. Naturally, this leads to some outrageous fatalities. There is one fatality in particular that many fans would love to see on the big screen. It involves Kenshi using his powers to make his sword swing in place like a fan while his victim slowly floats toward the sword. The aftermath looks like a deli shop after a lunch rush. Another reason to include this character is because of how many people want to see him played by the famous Keanu Reeves. This potential casting would work perfectly as only Reeves would be able to bring the necessary calmness to play this character.

3. Ermac 

Mortal kombat 2This entry is a bit of a cheat as this character is a collection of many souls inside a single body. Depending on the timeline, they even hold the soul of Shao Khan. Thanks to this, they are a complete mystery with no allegiance set in stone. Similar to Kenshi, Ermac has numerous telekinetic powers due to the souls housed within their bodies. They also hold the power to travel between the realms, similar to some of the gods like Raiden. If they were to be included, it would be essential to see them rip someone in half in mid-air. Using their powers. His collection of souls also means that the movements of various characters can be used without necessarily including the characters themselves, similar to Quan Chi or even Shang Tsung. Characters who are referenced but not included in the first movie, such as Kotal Kahn and NightWolf, could work in this way.

2. Cyrax 

Mortal Kombat 2One of three cyborg fighters in the series, fans of Bionicle will certainly love Cyrax. Originally designed as a cybernetic ninja, Cyrax is the result of a cybernetic experiment performed by the Lin Kui, Sub Zero’s clan. Cyrax eventually regains his memories and personality before fighting alongside Earth’s heroes. His inclusion in the new film would allow further exploration into what Sub Zero’s clan has become after his death. Similar to the character Reptile, Cyrax seems to have been inspired by Predator. Just like the legendary hunter, Cyrax is designed with dreadlocks. He also has a self-destruct sequence built-in. Naturally, this would serve as a great on-screen fatality for whatever unlucky character gets caught in his grasp. If included, fans would also go wild over seeing him face off against his cybernetic compatriot, Sektor, in a battle between machines with blood replaced with oil. This would also be a cool way of mixing up the gore with machine parts instead of prosthetic limbs.

1.Noob Saibot 

Mortal Kombat 2Technically this character is the first iteration of Sub-Zero or Bi-Han, resurrected. Foregoing his ice-centric powers, he can utilize the power of his shadow as a sort of clone. He is also able to teleport around his enemy. Including this character would also be a good way for them to bring back the amazing Joe Taslim, who plays Sub Zero in the first film. Thanks to previous roles in films like The Raid Redemption, he is the perfect person to bring such an intimidating figure to life. While other entries on this list may take the prize for violent fatalities, Noob Saibot’s, in particular, stands out in terms of creativity. A fan-favorite move of his involves using his clone to grab hold of his opponent from opposite sides. They then proceed to rip the enemy in half like a wishbone. A genuine-must see moment if it is to be included. If this list failed to satiate the reader’s blood lust, feel free to check out the newest trailer for the Mortal Kombat game, which is available to view below. The trailer is sure to get the blood pumping.

Mortal Kombat 1 (2023) Official NetherRealm Studios Trailer

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