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Acorn TV’s Cannes Confidential (2023) Coming June 26

Cannes Confidential

A Sexy New Crime Drama Is Coming To Acorn TV

Acorn TV has released a trailer for a new show called Cannes Confidential. It’s a cop show with action, drama, and romance. As well as some possible mysteries.

What’s it about

Cannes Confidential centers around two main characters, a detective and a con man. And as the title suggests the series takes place in the beautiful city of Cannes. Cannes Confidential main storyline will be about the chemistry between the main characters. They both have very contrasting personalities. The detective is more strict and serious. The con man is charming and enjoys having a bit of fun. 

The detective’s name is Camille Delmasse. Her father, an ex-Chief of Police, was charged with corruption which leads to her making a deal with the con man, Harry King. Harry accepts the deal because he either helps her find evidence to free her father or she reports him to Interpol.

Cannes Confidential

But that’s not all that Cannes Confidential offers. Lea Robert is Camille’s colleague who has a secret crush on her. This causes some complicated chemistry that is happening between Camille and Harry. Because of this love triangle among them, there will be drama, romance, and comedy within the series. But with the storyline of Camille’s father, there might be a bit of mystery as well.

Cast and Crew

The series is directed by Camille Delamarre. Camille Delmasse, the detective, is played by Lucie Lucas. Harry King, the con man, is played by Jamie Bamber. Lea Robert, the detective’s colleague, is played by Shy’m. Camille’s father is played by Jean-Hughes Anglade. The series writers are Morgan Jensen and Maria Ward. The creators are Patrick Nebout and Chris Murray.

When, Where, and Releases

Acorn TV will premiere Cannes Confidential on their streaming service. There will be two episodes premiering every Monday starting from when it premieres on June 26, 2023.

Cannes Confidential

Cannes Confidential (2023) Official Acorn TV Trailer

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