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What To Expect From The Last Of Us Season 2


What Will Happen On Joel And Ellie’s Next Adventure

The Last of Us is already renewed for a second season after the last episode of season one was released. The first season faithfully portrayed the original video game and brought the storyline to a satisfying conclusion. With its renewal, the story of the sequel will be adapted to TV, introducing new characters, scenarios, and dangerous threats.

The Story And Characters Of The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a survival post-apocalyptic drama with elements of zombie films. The original video game was released for Playstation 3 in 2013. The story follows the struggles of Joel, a grizzled survivor of the Cordyceps infection that devastated the United States, and his bond with his daughter Ellie, a child with immunity to the fungus and a possible foundation of a cure. 

Along their journey to Salt Lake City they come across many memorable allies and unforgettable villains aside from the infected. The video game play gives a very cinematic feel to their travels, something that the HBO series was successful at emulating while adding more character development.

How Part 2 Continues The Story

The Last of Us Part 2 follows the story of Ellie and Joel several years after the events of the previous game with Ellie as a young adult in post apocalyptic Wyoming. After so many years of the Cordyceps infection, the sequel did a good job showing the gradual recovery of society and how certain places actually become livable. The infected are treated less like the main threat and instead as a part of the forces of nature in the world.

As a result, the main conflicts are among the different factions of humans and their struggles past survival. One new character introduced that will be a major player in the story is Abbie, a hardened soldier with a personal vendetta against Ellie. The Last of Us Part 2 introduces at least three different sects of survivors, Ellie’s group, Abbie’s group, and a menagerie of crazy folks that go after anyone. Much of the story in the sequel will follow these new characters and their relationship with Ellie and Joel.



Why Relationships And Moments of Drama And Levity Are Important

The Last of Us stories, both in the video game and tv series, have been praised for creating very believable and compelling character relationships: from Ellie and Joel to Joel’s interactions with his family and friends. The first game and season one had a decent flow between humor and tranquil exploration before transitioning to tension, horror, and sorrow. Whenever something sad happens, there’s bound to be a few moments of relief and comedy with the characters.

The Last of Us has a bleak and depressing setting, but what elevates the mood tends to be the character relationships. These were vital elements in grounding the players and viewers into the setting and feeling investment in their survival and development. During its release, Last of Us Part 2 has been polarizing in this respect. The story was considered the weakest aspect of the game depending on how fans felt about the resolution of the characters and their relationships.

How Can The Series Adapt Part 2

HBOmax has been able to create a streamlined version of the first game’s story in one season by adapting all the major moments of the game while bringing more depth to the characters surrounding Joel and Ellie. The acting and score are high quality and carry the series. It helps that The Last of Us is a fairly cinematic game experience. As a result, it is very feasible to blend the moments of the game with original television scenes that will bring context and development that may have been missing in the game. 

The upcoming release is also an opportunity to develop the characters associated with Abbie with more heartfelt interactions that make them worth being invested in. Adapting the action scenes including the tense conflicts between cultists and infected abominations like the Rat King would be incredible to see. Arguably, another idea is that instead of directly adapting from the second game, the second season could be completely original content that will lead into the events of Part 2 after time has elapsed.

The Last of Us can be watched on HBOmax. Any information for the second season aside from the renewal has yet to be released yet so fans can only speculate at this point. So far the show is really good and deserves a positive recommendation. Hopefully season two will continue the momentum.


The Last of Us (2023). Official Max Trailer.

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