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Coming to Netflix in June

Coming to Netflix in June

With Blockbuster Season On the Horizon, Netflix is Picking Up the Heat With Its June Additions

As Hollywood prepares fans for a blockbuster-packed summer, Netflix is not far behind with their newest selections. From action-packed films with some of the biggest names to animated movies for the whole family and everything in between, there is something for everyone to enjoy this upcoming month. 

Noteworthy Originals 

With school being out, parents will rejoice as Netflix releases season one of its animated original series LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising to kick off the month. Older lovers of animation should mark their calendars for June 22nd as Skull Island, set in the King Kong monsterverse, comes out. To commemorate Father’s Day weekend, the streaming platform has a little bit of everything for everyone. Particularly for the dads that love action, Extraction 2, the sought after sequel starring Chris Hemsworth, comes out on the 16th. Likewise, anime lovers should look no further as Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King comes out on the same day. Looking towards the end of the month, Netflix saved the best for last. In his final time playing the role of Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cavil’s The Witcher (Volume 1 of Season 3) comes out on June 29th. Following this release, Liam Hemsworth will be taking over the titular role. 

Confirmed to be releasing in June, awaiting a final date, is the sought after sixth season of Black Mirror. With five new episodes slated, the show is returning with all the things fans have come to love from the anthology show. Some of the names starring in this season include Zazie Beetz, Josh Harnett, Salma Hayek Pinault, Kate Mara, Rory Caulkin, Michael Cera, Danny Ramirez, Aaron Paul, and many more. 

He is Back 

One of the most talked about Netflix originals is the new docuseries Arnold, which premieres on the 7th. The three-part documentary chronicles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life as a strongman, actor, businessman, and politician for the last five decades. Episode 1 will focus on his life as a bodybuilder and all his Mr. Olympia accolades, episode 2 will focus on the filmmaking aspect of his life, and the final episode will follow his life as an American. Throughout the docuseries, viewers will get to see the insight and motto from which the famed Austrian lives day-to-day. 

The Arnold love does not stop there. Two Schwarzenegger films arrive on June 1st: the 1999 horror film End of Days, and the film that put him on the map, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Lovers of Arnold will have their schedule full in June.

Coming to Netflix in June

Full June List 

Below is the full breakdown of everything coming to the popular streaming service, along with their release dates. 

June 1st:

The Angry Birds Movie

The Breakfast Club

Bruce Almighty

The Choice

Dear John

Death at a Funeral

Dune (1984)

End of Days

Forever My Girl

Funny People

Groundhog Day


How High 

The Italian Job


Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Kicking & Screaming

The Kingdom

Magic Mike

Mean Girls The Mick: Seasons 1 and 2

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Muster Dogs

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang 

The Ring


Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 3

Stuart Little

Stuart Little 2

Surf’s Up

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

To Leslie

We’re The Millers

THE DAYS (Netflix Series)

A Beautiful Life (Netflix Original Film)

LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising (Netflix Original Series)

June 2nd

Manifest: Season 4 Part 2 (Netflix Original Series)

Missed Connections (Netflix Original Film)

Rich in Love 2 (Netflix Original Film)

Scoop (Netflix Original Series)

Valeria: Season 3 (Netflix Original Series)

June 5th

Barracuda Queens (Netflix Original Series)

Ben 10: Seasons 1 through 4


June 6th

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter 4 (Netflix Original Series)

June 7th

Arnold (Netflix Original Documentary)

Love is Blind: Season 3 (Netflix Original Series)

June 8th

Never Have I Ever: Season 4 (Netflix Original Series)

Tour de France: Unchained (Netflix Original Series)

June 9th

A Lot Like Love

Bloodhounds (Netflix Original Series)

Human Resources: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)

The Playing Card Killer (Netflix Original Documentary)

Tex Mex Motors (Netflix Original Series)

This World Can’t Tear Me Down (Netflix Original Series)

The Wonder Weeks (Netflix Original Film)

You Do You (Netflix Original Film)

June 12th


Tom and Jerry Tales: Seasons 1 and 2

June 13th

Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact (Netflix Original Comedy)

June 14th

Forged in Fire: Season 8

Married at First Sight: Season 13

Our Planet II (Netflix Original Documentary)

The Surrogacy (Netflix Original Series)

June 15th 

Cold Case Files: Season 2 

June 16th

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King (Netflix Original Film)

Extraction 2 (Netflix Original Film)

June 17th

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 19

King the Land (Netflix Original Series)

See You in My 19th Life (Netflix Original Series)

Suits: Seasons 1 through 8

June 19th

My Little Pony: The Movie

Not Quite Narwhal (Netflix Original Series)

Take Care of Maya (Netflix Original Documentary)

June 20th

85 South: Ghetto Legends (Netflix Original Comedy)

June 21st

Break Point: Part 2 (Netflix Original Documentary)

The UnXplained with William Shatner: Season 2

June 22nd

Devil’s Advocate (Netflix Original Series)

Glamorous (Netflix Original Series)

Let’s Get Divorced (Netflix Original Series)

Skull Island (Netflix Original Series)

Sleeping Dog (Netflix Original Series)

June 23rd

Catching Killers: Season 3 (Netflix Original Documentary)

iNumber Number: Jozi Gold (Netflix Original Film)

King of Clones (Netflix Original Documentary)

Make Me Believe (Netflix Original Film)

On the Line: The Richard Williams Story 

The Perfect Find (Netflix Original Film)

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 3 (Netflix Original Series)

Through My Window: Across the Sea (Netflix Original Film)

June 26th

The Imitation Game

June 28th

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate (Netflix Original Documentary)

Hoarders: Season 13

Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators (Netflix Original Documentary)

Run Rabbit Run (Netflix Original Film)

June 29th

Ōoku: The Inner Chambers (Netflix Original Series)

The Witcher: Season 3 Volume 1 (Netflix Original Series)

June 30th

Alone: Season 9

Is It Cake, Too?! (Netflix Original Series)

Nimona (Netflix Original Series)

Tayo The Little Bus: Season 5

Awaiting Date

Black Mirror: Season 6 (Netflix Original Series)

Celebrity (Netflix Original Series)

Delete (Netflix Original Series)

Coming to Netflix in June

Arnold (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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