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Spy x Family Season 1: A Review

Spy x Family Season 1: A Review

The New Comfort Anime Your Watchlist Needs

A cold war between neighboring nations Westalis and Ostania is on the verge of heating up. Espionage is the key to peace, and Westalis is sending their greatest spy into the field: Agent Twilight. In order to blend in with the society of Ostania and infiltrate an upper class academy, Twilight takes on the alter ego of Dr. Loid Forger and does the unexpected: start a family. Twilight puts on the charm in order to easily adopt a daughter — Anya — and find a woman — Yor — who will pose as her mother, but little does he know that he isn’t the only one hiding his true identity. Despite her shy demeanor, Yor is secretly an assassin with ties to the Eastern government, while the energetic Anya can read the minds of those around her. On a road to both world peace and self-discovery, the Forger family will have to face terrorists, school bullies, social expectations, and more. 

Found Family for the Win

Spy x Family is an unexpected oddball that came at the perfect time. In an industry currently ruled by grit and brutality thanks to popular series like Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Spy x Family rose to fame due to its endearing animation and comedic storyline — and for good reason. The beautifully-animated season is filled with warmth and so many pure moments, but its cute nature never feels excessive. Sandwiched between a banger of an opening song and an adorable end credit sequence lies a narrative that — while simplistic — offers its audience a wholesome look at the Forger family, their many hijinks, and their growing bond.

Spy x Family Season 1: A Review

An Assassin, a Spy, and the World’s Cutest Telepath

While the story is introduced through Twilight — AKA Loid — and centers on his mission, each member of the family functions as a protagonist in their own right. Loid’s plots tend to revolve around his espionage, Anya’s focus on her naive attempts to infiltrate the higher ranks of her academy, and Yor’s involve her responsibilities as both an assassin and an older sister. The frequent swaps in perspective keep the show’s pacing fresh, and it also adds an enjoyable amount of dramatic irony to the narrative. Each of the protagonists are unique and incredibly likable, although Yor consistently — and unfortunately — third-wheels for Loid and Anya’s more integral storylines. Ultimately, it’s difficult to go in-depth on Yor’s profession given the family-friendly nature of the show, but prioritizing her to the same extent as the other protagonists would certainly benefit both her and the series.

Forging an Instant Classic

Despite an uneven focus on its protagonists, Spy x Family is still worth the watch. The excellent animation pairs nicely with a narrative that meshes genres to an amazing extent. The show is wholesome and hilarious, but it never feels like it’s overdoing either. With a second season and a movie slated to come out later this year, now is the perfect time to check out this anime and see what all the hype is about.

Spy x Family Season 1: A Review

Spy x Family Season 1 Official Crunchyroll Trailer

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