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Christopher Griffiths and Gary Smart Chop it Up With Dead Talk Live

Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares

A Moment in Time With an Extraordinary Pair

On May 17th, Dead Talk Live was honored with guests Christopher Griffiths and Gary Smart. These Co-Directors bought fans the enthralling documentary, Pennywise the Story of It. And On May 17th, they sat down to discuss their latest noteworthy project, Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story. It was one magnetizing segment.

Christopher Griffiths and Gary Smart, Long Time Collaborators

Both Christopher Griffiths and Gary Smart are long-time collaborators. Together they have combined their talents for over a decade, working on various projects, including the Dark Ditties Presents series. They had much to share as passionate aficionados in crafting, directing, and producing documentaries. The area of primary focus for this segment was their work on the Robert Englund Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares project.

Christopher Griffiths and Gary Smart On A Journey Well-Trod

The discussion began with an exploration of source work. The pair were asked to dissect the timeline of the project from its beginnings. In accordance with the ask, the directors tracked their journey back to 2018, the project’s ground zero. There was no denying that the road from concept to production was a long one. However, it was a journey well worth the wait. From there, the conversation veered to Robert Englund and Griffith’s and Smart’s familiarity with the star’s projects’ pre-production. For fans of Englund, this was an exceptionally informative and inspiring part of the interview. One of the stand-out moments of the interview was when it was exclaimed, ” There was no Kreuger without Englund. For it is Robert that defines Freddy.” Without a doubt, this is a fact that horror fans can wholeheartedly agree with. Englund elevated the character to one of the most memorable and iconic fixtures in horror.

Chrisotpher Griffiths

Some Mechanics with Griffith’s and Smart

Another central point of the interview was the technical aspects of creating the documentary. The pair delved into particulars on production and post-production. They further explored the process of edits and the ardor of balancing between the perfect lengths for such works. But before the conclusion, the two expounded on future projects, their passion for the craft, and what drives them. In the words of Smart, “I think the genre is brilliant, and it is dangerous to think that anyone can do it….” Based on the caliber of their work, that is one point that few would argue with. 

Who Should Watch?

This segment is perfect for those with an affinity for horror and die-hard documentary fans. This is certainly a segment of those who desire to know what went into making a first-rate documentary on horror legend Robert Englund. So, for those who missed this fantastic episode of DTL, the recap is available for replay.

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Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares The Robert Englund Story. (20203). Official Screambox Trailer. 

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