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The Dead Files (2023) Season Premiere: A Review

Dead Files 2023

Someone Call a Priest! No! We Need Amy and Steve!

“Oh, Boy! This is not a good situation,” says medium Amy Allen of The Dead Files

Everything and everyone has a history. Sometimes, these histories come back to haunt us. In the case of one Florida family, history is causing pain and fear, and it’s keeping chaos ruling the home. Retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allen traveled to Kissimmee, Florida, to assist a family in gaining freedom from a dangerous entity. A family of four, including Lisa, her fiance Michael, her father Danny, and her four-year-old son Mikey are dealing with a spirit who Lisa believes to be a demon that wants to kill them. They have been mentally and physically harmed and have seen shadow figures and full-bodied spirits. As with many of these cases, there are souls of family and friends who are trying to protect them. These spirits from the past stay to warn the living that another soul wants to hurt them. The most difficult part is that the negative energy physically terrorizes the young son and causes nightmares and trauma. 

Interestingly, some sad and exciting changes are coming to The Dead Files. According to executive producer Rob Rosen, this will be Allen’s last season. Medium Cindy Kaza is set to take over for Allen after.

The Dead Files 2023

The Hair Raising Suspense and the Eye-Opening Devastation 

Going by the new episode, this season will be packed with goosebumps and trepidation. The music is haunting, and the pictures are dark. Many of the interviews and walk-throughs are held at night. The plot is compelling and built steadily to glue the audience to their seats. The story is precisely what The Dead Files audience will expect from this show. This family needs spiritual help, and Allen and DiSchiavi are there and ready. The setting and aesthetic are foreboding, readying the audience for the thrilling, electrifying, but hair-raising story and outcome. The story builds to a striking denouement, which viewers hope is a positive ending. 

One point the story does make, as is typical for stories of spiritual unrest, is the land’s history in relation to Native Americans. While there are countless events of this kind, it seems that most shows of this nature necessitate the inclusion of these incidents. If only it were possible to find a story where these unfortunate circumstances could be excluded occasionally. 

Still, the show did include some persuasive interviews with experts, including author Dr. Brandy Stark who gave historical information about the tragedy in a family of previous landowners. DiSchiavi also interviews retired law enforcement officer Ken Afienko about a murder-suicide perpetrator who fits the description of one of the benevolent spirits in the home. Allen believes this spirit was tricked into committing this crime by the negative energy currently in the house they are investigating. Lastly, DiSchiavi interviews Little Big Mountain, a Native American historian who has information about a bloody battle between Native Americans and the Spanish on the client’s property.  

You’ve Got to See it to Believe the Creepy Feast

The Dead Files is an established, fun, shiver-inducing, and nail-biting staple of the ghost-hunting genre. This will be the fifteenth season, and they are starting with a family dealing with high stakes. This is excellent for streaming with popcorn on a Saturday night. If you like creepy, watch this premiere on June 1st on The Travel Channel. 

The Dead Files 2023

Dead Files (2022). Official Youtube video

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