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Top 10 Most Creative Zombie Kills on The Walking Dead

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Ten of the Craziest and Most Creative Zombie kills From The Walking Dead

After the 11th and final season debuted on AMC on November 20, 2022, The Walking Dead still packs a punch with some stellar kills during rewatch. The series never failed when it came to interesting and resourceful zombie kills. Admittedly there are some hard-to-pick favorites.  But after a decade of destroying the undead, here are ten favorite zombie kills that still make fans squeamish and certainly have them reeling.

10. Walker In the Well (Season 2, Episode 4)

Walker In The Well The Walking Dead

While grabbing some respite on Hershel’s farm, the gang is quickly thrust into a quagmire. An obese (& bloated) member of the undead has fallen into the cattle well, possibly contaminating the farm’s water supply. With the help of walker bait Glen Rhee, the group snares a rope around the zombie and attempts to hoist him out. After cresting the lip of the well, the bloated walker splits in half. With legs & guts spilling into the well, now fully tainting the water supply. Our bloated undead zed then has his head bashed in with a wrench courtesy of T-Dog. He was right; they should have just shot the bloated baddie in the first place.

9. Clothesline Crowd (Season 7, Episode 9)

Rick and MIchonne The Walking Dead

After failing to convince the leaders of Hilltop and the Kingdom to wage war against The Saviors, Rick and the gang must get back to Alexandria before the Saviors reach it. 

Finally, Rick regained his mojo and inspired new confidence in the group. And they make a move to act on their newfound confidence. The gang stumbles onto a walker trap in the road set by the Saviors. Two poles, a wire, plus explosives were set to take out a herd of walkers. Time is running out as Rick’s crew must beat the Saviors back to Alexandria. While group members collect dynamite, Rick, and Michonne jump in the car rigged with a hefty pole still connected by the tripwire. The two then drive straight at the herd, clotheslining hundreds of zombies via cable and clearing enough of the danger to make an escape. And boy, do they! As a mid-season finale, and after a few sleeper episodes, this is one of the baddest and best kills in the series. Incredibly cathartic kill scene given all that the group has been through thus far.

8. I Think It’s a Sign (Season 4, Episode 13)

Maggie The Walking Dead

On their way to Terminus, the group has been divided into smaller size. And after being separated from Bob,  Maggie finds herself surrounded by a horde outside of Sasha’s camp. Running out of options, Maggs makes a move and starts wrecking zombies with a street sign. And with one final finishing move, she decapitates a walker. 

The scene is a favorite kill because it represents another notch on Maggie’s belt as she becomes a formidable force of her own. Brava, and swing away, Maggie!

7. Pointy Predicament (Season 7, Episode 10.)

Pointy Head Zombie. The Walking Dead

Rick and Michone are in search of weapons, people, and Father Gabriel Stokes. They discover a new group called “The Scavengers” in their search. Rick immediately tries to convince their leader, Jadis, to lend him people and guns/weapons for an upcoming fight with Negan et al. l. Before agreeing to anything; Jadis needs to see what Rick is made of. So as a test, she pushes Rick into the battle arena of trash, where he faces off with Winslow, the spiked & steel-plated zombie. Rick throws everything he has at Winslow. Backed into a corner, Rick runs a spike through his hand to keep Winslow at bay. And using his wit and environment, Rick eventually traps Winslow in the heap of garbage. Finally beheading him with a slab of glass, Rick expertly passes Jadis’ test. Bravo, Mr.Grimes! Well done.

6. Trunk-ated (Season 3, Episode 10.)

Daryl and Beth The Walking Dead

Daryl and his brother Merle are in the woods again and left to fend for themselves. Debating whether to return to The Prison to fight off the governor or just keep taking care of each other… they hear a commotion. It turns out to be a family trapped in their car. And their car is surrounded on both sides by zombies.

Acting quickly, Daryl kills a walker at the front of the car and then yanks another out of the back seat.  As it slides to the ground, Daryl slams the trunk on the zombie’s head, which explodes like a melon on concrete. Once again, saving somebody else.

5. Thinking A-head (Season 5, Episode 7)

Darryl The Walking Dead

Daryl, one of the series’s most valuable and resourceful characters, always seems to come out on top. This episode’s debacle finds Daryl pinned down under the weight of a charred police officer. Struggling to escape & without a weapon, Daryl grabs the first blunt object he can find: a zombie’s head. Still attached to its body, Daryl thrusts his fingers through the zombie’s eye holes, tearing it free at the neck and smashing his way back to his feet. Now, that’s what we call a strike!

4. Have a Seat (Season 3, Episode 7)

Glen The Walking Dead

Glen and Maggie have been taken hostage at Woodbury, only separated by a single wall. However, as the rest of the group plans their rescue. Merle is interrogating Glen rather intently for news of the group’s whereabouts. At the whim of Merle and duct-taped to a wooden chair, Glen uses his wits to stall for time and distract his captor. Calling Glen’s bluff, Merle then releases one of the undead into the same room Glen is trapped in. Thinking quickly, Glen fights off the walker, smashes the chair to pieces, and sticks a sharp piece of that ol’ chair right into the walker’s head. Take a seat, zombie! 

3. Red Handle Party (Season 4, Episode 16)


The Terminus leader should have learned from Carol’s attack but didn’t. Now at horrified Father Gabriel’s little country church, Rick repeatedly brings down the machete on Garett. Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham go crazy on the rest of the Terminus gang.  As Rick promised Gareth that he’d kill him with a machete with a red handle. And that’s exactly what he did. 

2. The Alpha & the Oh-Mega (Season 10, Episode 16)

Alpha The Walking Dead

Initially, Alpha broke our hearts by beheading a number of beloved characters. Then The Whisperers’ horde was finally led off a cliff by Carol and Alpha’s daughter, Lydia.

Although not as engaging or exciting as previous seasons.. the Whisperer War story arc of Season 10  wrapped up in a grand fashion with something we have yet to really see. A lemming party. Brava Alpha!

1. Shiva Baby! (Season 8, Episode 4)

Shiva The Walking Dead

In Alexandria, the group makes a stand and prepares for Negan’s attack. The group is overrun and ambushed by Negan’s crew and soon finds themselves injured and on the ropes. Especially Ezekiel. He has taken some serious damage throughout the episode. Ezekiel begins his retreat as he is dragged to safety by the others. And despite being absent most of this episode, Shiva finally makes an entrance and starts mauling living and undead alike. Until she finally succumbs to the dogpile of the undead. Sacrificing herself to save her master, Shiva earned a special place in the hearts of the fans forever. RIP Shiva.  Thank you for your service. Tiger-Balm?. More like Tiger-BOMB! That sums up the Top 10 most creative Zombie kills from The Walking Dead. Thank you, and keep stalking!  The Walking Dead can be streamed on Netflix and AMC.com.

The Walking Dead (Season 1, 2010). Official AMC Trailer. 

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