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10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

A List of Terrible Movies That Are An Enjoyable Experience

Horror movies have always been rated as a matter of subjectivity when it comes to their audience. What scares one person is probably funny to someone else, and what might be a bad plot could be a good story to someone else. That being said, there are some horror films so unapologetically bad and ill-conceived that they come back around to be genuine entertainment. Whether because of comedy, charismatic acting, or even playing an absurd premise straight, they can succeed at being great viewing experiences for anyone open-minded enough to accept them.

This has given rise to campy horror films becoming a trend for low-budget directors. The word ‘camp’ is defined by something that is exaggerated, absurd, and often played for laughs because of these elements. In these cases, it’s easy to suggest that horror films that fit these descriptions are probably not scary in a traditional sense. Rather, these movies are humorous and ridiculous with neither the audience nor the cast members taking it seriously. Two companies that practically make a fortune off this concept are the Asylum, who make mockbusters of popular films, and the Syfy network on TV.

10. The Soul-Sucking Sleepwalkers

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Sleepwalkers is a 90s horror film written by the acclaimed Stephen King. This movie gets the honor of being one of the few stories he wrote as a screenplay and not based on any of his previous novels. The story follows a pair of oddly-related vampiric monsters that can transform into cat-like forms searching for virgin women to suck the life out of them. One particular target of their hunt devolves into pure hysterical insanity as transformations glitch out, human reactions range from bewilderment to overreaction, and somehow, an army of stray cats become an important plot point.

Any rhyme or reason for tension is chucked out the proverbial window as line delivery either falls flat or is played too seriously despite a rather funny scene. Gore is often treated with the same comical response of a Looney Toons skit, and at some point the initial tension of the film is completely replaced with straight comedy. Sleepwalkers would’ve been an easily forgettable horror movie if it wasn’t for these outlandish elements that made it a very enjoyable watching experience.

9. In The Future Of Jason X

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

There are many examples of horror franchises that have lasted for so long that each installment gets closer to jumping the shark in terms of plot and setting. Jason X is that moment when the shark grew wings and flew across the horizon. Set over 400 years into the future, Jason is frozen in a cryotube after all methods of killing him failed. The science fiction setting is completely used to redefine Jason’s abilities and near invulnerability. Along with that, Jason can absorb technology to become a cyborg monster which makes him more or less a slasher terminator.

Jason X mostly takes place in a space station, emulating a mix of both Ridley Scott’s Alien and the cabin setting of the Friday the 13th series. Like in Crystal Lake, the station seems to be run by space students with androids and tech gadgets. The movie is completely self-aware of both the slasher genre and Jason’s insane invincibility throughout the film, leading to many humorous moments, from the gratuitous kill scenes to the traps the teenagers try to use against him.

8. The Prehistoric Rampage Of Carnosaur

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Released literally one month before the first Jurassic Park, Carnosaur is a film about bringing dinosaurs back from extinction. Unlike Jurassic Park, which has moments of wonder and majesty with the dinosaurs shown, this movie plays up the terror of prehistoric monsters coming back with a savage bloodlust. Even the way that dinosaurs are brought back are outright insidious and nightmarish. That being said, the premise and plot of the film is outlandish and completely ridiculous despite being played straight.

The story follows a mad scientist, ill-content with humans being the dominant species on Earth, engineering a virus that causes chickens to lay giant eggs with dinosaurs inside. How she did this is never completely explained, but the virus soon spreads to humans, causing men to suffer fevers and women who are ill to end up laying dinosaur eggs somehow. This threatens the world as large predators like raptors and tyrannosauruses start terrorizing the small town they spawn in. Despite the absurdity, the movie benefits from maintaining a dark and brooding atmosphere, rarely easing off from the tension.

7. Time Stopping With The Langoliers

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Sometimes in a movie where the premise fails to impress and the monster designs aren’t great, the colorful portrayals of their actors make them delightfully entertaining. In Stephen King’s The Langoliers, an airplane flies into a bizarre portal, causing a time distortion that makes every awake person vanish, while everyone sleeping gets stranded in the past. As they figure out a way to return to their present timestream, they must contend with an incoming threat and unstable survivors.

One unstable survivor, and the major human antagonist of the miniseries, is Craig Toomy, portrayed by Bronson Pinchot. He was the most entertaining element in the entire film, from his unhinged facial expressions to the bombastic levels of acting he goes to as Toomy becomes driven by insanity and fear. Aside from him, all the actors played a decent and compelling part of the film, embracing the campiness of their premise and fitting their archetypes very well, from the child physic to a reformed assassin. This is a series that is lifted by charismatic characters, for better or worse.

6. Smashing The Animatronics Of Willy’s Wonderland

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Willy’s Wonderland combines the charisma of Nicholas Cage with the setting of Five Nights at Freddy’s. The animatronics and the effects behind their movement is pretty impressive and their uncanny, almost unassuming appearance does a good job emulating the idea of creepy Chuck E. Cheese animatronics. Nicholas Cage also does a great job portraying a no-nonsense, skeleton crew employee who nonchalantly cleans the derelict play center, fights off the animatronics, and wipes away the mess while going back to work, almost unquestioningly accepting the insanity around him.

While Nicholas Cage is the main focus of the film, the movie drops off upon focusing on the conspiracy of the town and their involvement with the animatronic killings. A group of teenagers that wanted to expose the conspiracy are just there for the movie to have a body count and to add the campy atmosphere seen from films like Friday the 13th. Nicholas Cage and his single-minded focus to do his job in spite of everything makes this movie a great watch for the sake of a good laugh.

5. Asylum’s Mutant Monsters Like The Sharktopus

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

The Asylum has made all kinds of creature feature films and are best known for bringing their own modern B-movie flavor, whether through DVD releases or television by the Syfy network. One such release is the aforementioned Sharktopus film, introducing a monster that is a hybridization of two animals. The film is a pretty self-explanatory premise-wise and grew popular enough for the sake of humor to have sequels showcasing other animal hybrids. Examples are Pteracuda and Whalewolf fighting the monstrous shark in kaiju-esque battles.

These films are one of the grandest examples of insanity being the selling point of a film. It doesn’t make sense, there’s no rhyme or reason, effects are like aged goat milk, and somehow it’s still such pure entertainment that it can’t be seriously criticized for any credibility. Sharktopus is definitely a movie that can be enjoyed for the sheer stupidity of it as long as the viewer doesn’t mind turning their brain off during the feature.

4. Ferocious Planet

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Ferocious Planet follows a group of stranded government officials trapped in another world dominated by a ravenous species of predatory monsters. As they evade the beasts and survive the hazards of this alien world, they also come across the solution to return home, along with whether there’s intelligent alien life.

This movie has a very interesting monster design that’s instantly memorable. Aside from that and some glowing moments of outright hilarity, this movie was pretty bland with bad blending of CGI along with some of the dumbest human characters in history, pulling stunts like stealing eggs of monsters and outright risking life and limb for grand delusions. The dialogue isn’t even all that great, yet the charm of seeing what’ll happen next keeps it from being too much of a hassle.

3. Cocaine Bear

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Cocaine Bear is a B-movie given a Hollywood budget and certainly feels that way. The movie received pretty fair reception due to working well with the insane premise of a bear getting high on coke and going on a rampage. The actors portrayed their roles fairly well — many of them are atypical B-movie archetypes, and the bear’s actions are believable despite being treated like a super-powered animal. The CGI is high quality, and the violence is effective despite how silly the movie can be. 

The film follows a drug drop that takes place in a forest, when a bear takes hold of several cocaine containers and consumes them. Violence and hilarity ensue as campers and the drug dealers get swept in the bear’s powdered-up fury. Because of the basic plot and the simple progression of the film, it’s good enough for a decent watch. 

2. Leprechaun In The Hood

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

Leprechaun In The Hood takes the once slightly-intimidating little demon obsessed with his gold and puts him into an arguably offensive ghetto setting with gangbangers and other hood-related hijinks. The movie is absolutely not meant to be a pure horror film and the only reason it’s considered such is some of the violent kills and the character used is a “horror icon”.

The movie is so absurd and unapologetically offensive that it wheels its way back around to being an utter parody of how horror movies degenerate into comedies that make fun of themselves. It also mocks the Hollywood stereotyping of suburban and ghetto locations, making the leprechaun seem on the same level as the characters that interact with him. All the stereotypes are here in some form, and they are endearingly unapologetic in their presentation and the role they play in amusing the killer leprechaun.

1. The Absurdity Of Sharknado

10 Horror Movies That Are So Bad That They're Good

This is it, really. The most absurd terrible movie that a viewer can enjoy. Already a franchise with multiple installments, the Sharknado films really set the bar on what can be enjoyed and handled in a terrible film. Campy acting galore, odd celebrity cameos, and a literal torrent of sharks falling or flying across the sky like it’s their natural habitat. Forget the science of how sharks sucked in a tornado/typhoon are already dead from asphyxiation and inertia-based impact. This is a movie where whole cities are raining sharks, and the characters respond to the coming storm with chainsaws, guns, and other industrial inventions.

The characters of the franchise are not much to remember. In the first and arguably best of the Sharknado films, the main characters are the surfer Fin and his ex-wife and kids as they try to escape an oncoming storm in Los Angeles. Other people show up, but they’re mostly for the sake of body fodder for either collateral damage or for the sharks to eat. The first movie did good by trying to cling to a serious plotline with a goofy premise, but by the sequels, all pretense of a serious horror movie was gone, leaving them with campy comedy and escalating ridiculousness.

These movies are all universally terrible, but they offer something for viewers to enjoy. Compared to most elements of entertainment that require focus or effort, these movies can be watched with a comfy meal of choice, and viewers won’t miss much even if their attention sways. It’s also a fine reminder that not every movie needs to be a huge blockbuster masterpiece adored by the masses, nor should they be held to such standards. Sometimes, even the worst of horror movies give audiences the most fun.

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