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FUBAR (2023): A Review


Arnold Is Back - But Not Better Than Ever

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Luke Brunner—a family man who has secretly been one of the CIA’s top operatives for the past 40 years. Following an easy success with his final mission, Luke prepares to retire and leave the world of espionage behind for good—or so he thinks. After being pulled aside by friend and fellow agent Barry, Luke is informed that he’s been assigned a final final mission: to infiltrate a terrorist commune and exfiltrate a CIA plant as well as a portable nuclear bomb. Luke and his team of operatives arrive on scene to escort the CIA’s embedded agent only to discover that this secret agent is none other than Luke’s daughter Emma. With their world thrown into chaos, the father-daughter duo must renavigate their relationship while simultaneously fighting to maintain international peace.

Yet Another Netflix Action Comedy

FUBAR makes history as it gives Arnold Schwarzenegger’s his first-ever starring role in a scripted TV series. Unfortunately, that’s all this show has to offer when it comes to new or noteworthy ideas. From recycled jokes to played-out tropes, FUBAR attempts to sell its audience a new car made entirely out of old parts.

First things first, FUBAR does have a decent amount of positives going for it. The cast does the best that they can with the script that they were provided, and the chemistry between characters is surprisingly functional. Schwarzenegger’s performance is decent. While lacking in depth, he still manages to keep up the charm and pairs well with actors like Milan Carter and Monica Barbaro. The show’s action sequences are well executed, and the show ekes out just enough creativity with its visuals to avoid being a boring watch. 

The script is by far this show’s weakest link. The plot itself is serviceable and does exactly what one would expect at every turn. Ever seen a series or movie about a parent and child that have to work together to get out of a kooky scenario? Then FUBAR won’t be bringing anything new to the table. As for the comedy aspect of the show, it’s incredibly dependent upon the strength of the actors’ performances. While Schwarzenegger’s cheesy one-liners and Fortune Feimster’s many quips elicit the occasional smile, each joke feels like approximately one second’s worth of thought was put into it. When it comes to topics like age, sexuality, gender, and more, FUBAR sought out the lowest hanging fruit and grabbed it by the basketful. The comedy is predictable and fails to forge a unique identity for the series.

Is FUBAR the worst action comedy a person could watch? Certainly not. Is it the best action comedy a person could watch? Certainly not. It’s a serviceable series with some obvious talent behind it, but it ultimately feels like a show that could have come out 20 years ago and would have felt played out.


Fubar (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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