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Upcoming Insidious Spin-Off Gets Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani

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Even Greater Things Beyond the Beyond

Insidious, a 2010 Horror film about family, specters from beyond, and their grip on the material world, became a massive success. With Insidious James Wan, who had already cemented his reputation through producing films in another impressive horror franchise, Saw held nothing back, making an amazing show of his incredible talent. Horror fans were so taken with the movie that it rapidly expanded into a burgeoning franchise with four films and an upcoming fifth. Despite anxious anticipation for the fifth, there was little inclination that there would be more additions to the franchise, especially a feature that would veer from the current course. 

Thread: An Insidious Tale: Casting News

Now fans not only know that the Insidious franchise is expanding in another direction, but there are two very well know actors who have signed on to breathe life into the feature. A few days ago, it was announced that Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani will join the cast of Thread: An Insidious Tale. Mandy Moore, born Amanda Leigh Moore, is an accomplished actress with an expansive filmography. Her introduction to the industry began with music videos, but she soon graduated to the small screen, her first role on TV dating back to 2000. From there, Moore’s career took off, and she landed roles in films Dr. Doolittle as the voice of a bear cub and in Princess Diaries as Lana Thomas. Her most memorable role was in the tragic and dramatic film A Walk to Remember. According to recent headlines Moore will make her mark in the Insidious Universe. Kumail Nanjiani also has an extensive industry presence, dating back to a 2009 television series. Since that introduction, he has accumulated massive credits, which include Life as We Know It, The Arrangement, Sex Tape, Hot Tube Machine 2, The Big Sick, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. And he, too, will imprint his talent on the Insidious Universe.

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Thread: An Insidious Tale: Plot

While news of casting is interesting, even more intriguing is discovering what the new feature will offer horror fans. According to Deadline Thread: An Insidious Tale will prove to be something to check out. This project will follow a marital pair’s path to circumvent an ill-fated event. The spiral begins with a couple’s attempts to use a spell to go back and prevent the horrific tragedy. As many can guess, it is not only ill-advised but is ultimately disastrous. As formulaic as it may sound, given the talent of Wan, who serves as director, and the solidity of the franchise, it is likely to pack a punch. 

Looking to The Future

Currently, there are no other details about the release of Thread: An Insidious Tale. However, fans can be comforted knowing that three days after July 4 will mark the premiere of the fifth installment in the Insidious franchise, Insidious: The Red Door.

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