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Never Have I Ever Season 4: What Fans Are Looking Forward To


The Final Episodes

The Netflix original and Mindy Kaling television series, Never Have I Ever, grew very popular after the first season was released in 2020. Three seasons later, the show must go on as fans are anticipating the latest cliff hanger from season 3. Season 4 (the final season) will premiere on Netflix June 8. 

The Love Triangle 

In the very beginning of the series, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) never had a boyfriend before. She dreamed up her perfect boyfriend. The boyfriend she dreamed up was no other than the hottest most popular guy in school, Paxton (Darren Barnet). If you were to ask Devi if dreams can really come true, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you they do because her dream came true. Devi finally started dating Paxton in season 3 after two whole seasons of breaking each other’s hearts.

The thing about dreams is that they are not reality and the thing about being perfect is that no one truly is. Paxton ended up breaking things off with Devi because she was insecure about their relationship. It’s hypocritical because he was insecure about their relationship when it came to Devi and Ben’s friendship. 

A lot of fans want Devi and Ben (Jaren Lewison) to end up together because they would have an enemies to lovers story. At the end of season 3, the fans are left with the perfect cliffhanger to question if Devi has finally made a choice between Paxton and Ben. Or in this season, will the choice still remain between Paxton and Ben?

New Cast Member in Season 4

There will be a new character named Ethan (Michael Cimino). People believe that Ethan may be a new love interest for Devi. Will the love triangle become a love square? If Ethan comes in and sweeps Devi off her feet, Paxton and Ben will have more competition than just each other for Devi’s heart. Maybe Ben and Paxton will team together to get this new guy away from Devi so their (possible) love square can just be a normal love triangle again. 

All we know about the character of Ethan so far is that he attends Sherman Oaks High, but this year he looks like a whole new student. We can’t be certain if he’s a love interest for Devi until season 4 comes out on the eighth. They added Prashant (Rushi Kota) as another love interest in season 3 to spice things up. Who says they aren’t up to the same thing with adding Ethan season 4.


Devi Graduates

The love triangle is not the only thing coming to an end with this final season – so is Devi’s high school career. Devi and her friends graduate this season. Devi was looking into going to Princeton and in the trailer it looks like she’ll be focusing a lot on her future after graduation. Maybe Devi won’t end up choosing a guy but rather choose herself. Her character has had a lot of growth since the show first aired on Netflix. 

If Devi leaves for Princeton then it would make sense why the season she graduates will be the final season of the show. She won’t be seeing much of her best friends Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) or Paxton and Ben either. Fabiola and Eleanor were the glue to Devi’s heart when the love triangle would get messy. Devi took them for granted a few times, being so indulged in her love life, but I think we’ll be seeing more of their friendship this season. In the trailer for season 4, Devi says to Fabiola and Eleanor, “I think we’ve really grown into being poised, fearless women we always dreamed we’d be.”

Graduating and heading off to college also means leaving her mom, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan). Devi and her mom didn’t get along much in the show, every other episode Devi was giving her mother a heart attack. Devi missed her father a lot, who we found out died in the first episode, so this affected her and her mother’s relationship quite a bit. Being a single mother was new for Nalini so she had to deal with Devi on her own now. Their family story is heartbreaking but it’s truly beautiful when Devi and her mom put their differences aside and have a heartwarming moment together. Hopefully we’ll see more heartwarming moments between the two this final season. 

Can June 8 Come Faster, Please

Meeting the end of a television series can be sad, especially when it’s a phenomenal series like Never Have I Ever. What comes with a series ending is resolution. Fans will finally see everything from the past three seasons unravel into a great ending. Who will be Devi’s end game, will she get into Princeton, will there be a sappy goodbye with her friends and family? Fans have been waiting almost a whole year for these questions to be answered, and in just a few days they will be.


Never Have I Ever Final Season (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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