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Bottoms 2023 Drops Poster and Trailer


The Queer film of the Summer Has Shown its Stripes, and They’re Bloody, Rainbow-Colored, and Horny.

When it comes to the history of teen girl raunchy sex comedies, a common trope is women engaging in psychological warfare as a sort of counter to men’s typical physical warfare. Think Mean Girls or John Tucker Must Die, in which games of passive-aggressive, emotional retaliation, and manipulation are key to dethroning those in power and securing the love interest. But, sometimes, girls don’t fit into these categories of traditional femininity, heterosexuality, and rage. Sometimes girls want to use their fists, be gay, and start their own fight club. 

Poster and Trailer Drop 

Audiences were thrilled when the poster for Bottoms dropped on June 5, its white background and staged actors paying homage to raunchy teen comedies of the 2000s. This is no coincidence as the director herself compared the film to Wet Hot American Summer, a parody of the genre released in 2001.

With stars including Ayo Edebiri of The Bear and Big Mouth and Rachel Sennot of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and Shiva Baby, pride month is officially underway with the release of press for Bottoms. The film situates the two women as gay best friends who start a fight club at their high school, hoping to woo their crushes, who just so happen to be incredibly desirable cheerleaders. Another trope is then subverted here, that of the sleazy, nerdy loser boy who will do anything to get into the popular girl’s pants. Instead, Bottoms spotlights girls who, yes, have an agenda but will most likely practice consent and boundaries much better than the boys of the past, will be much more relatable, and also proudly and hysterically gay. 

After a sneak peek given to select audiences at a showing of 1999’s But I’m a Cheerleader, the trailer officially dropped June 6 and has everyone freaking out in anticipation. The trailer gives more context to the high school environment, particularly the unruly football players and sexy unattainable cheerleaders, which motivate PJ (Rachel Sennot) and Jose (Ayo Edebiri) to put their brains, and blood together to create a self-defense coalition for their fellow female classmates. The imagery is violent, comedic, and unabashed, bringing the queer subtext of another borderline Y2K film Fight Club to the forefront for a female audience.


What Else Do We Know 

The director of the film is Emma Seligman, who also directed Shiva Baby, a hilarious, anxiety-induced, gay film in which Rachel Sennot must confront her prying relatives, ex-girlfriend, and the wife of the man she is sleeping with, all while at a funeral. This was Seligman’s directorial debut, and it did incredibly well, launching Rachel Sennot’s career as a comedic and compassionate actor and melting the hearts of bisexuals everywhere. Audiences are eager to see her sophomore feature, which will undoubtedly build upon Seligman’s established humor, self-awareness, and heart.

Critics have thus far praised the film for its satire, humor, and representation of Gen- Z, something many films try and often fail to do successfully. Rachel Sennot perfectly captured the tongue-in-cheek nature of the film with her Instagram caption for the film’s trailer: “Underdogs like it better on top.” Bottoms is set to release on August 25, just in time for the new school year.


Bottoms (2023). Official MGM Trailer. 

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