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Fear the Invisible Man (2023) visits Dead Talk Live

Fear The Invisible Man

Fear the Invisible Man Mixes Period Piece with Science Fiction

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, the cast and crew of Fear the Invisible Man talked about the film and what it was like to create a movie that mixed a period piece with science fiction. Visitors included director Paul Dudbridge, actress Mhairi Calvey, and actor Mike Beckingham. Fear the Invisible Man is an adaptation of the classic H.G. Wells’ 1897 novel, The Invisible Man. This is the story of an ordinary man who becomes drunk with power after having developed the ability to be invisible. 

Navigating The Discussion

The panel, composed of the director and two leads, was ready and eager to start. Mhairi Calvey, who serves as the female lead, and Mike Beckingham, who portrays the invisible man, Griffin, were poised to answer whatever came their way.  When asked what it was like to play Adeline, Calvey replied, “Adeline was a layered character who was smart, strong, and ahead of her time”  When posed a similar question, Mike Beckingham responded,” Griffin was a man overcome with power.” And that although Griffin started with the best of intentions, he felt, he was changed by the attraction of so much power. 

Rounding out the guests was the visionary behind the film Dudbridge. And when questioned about maintaining alignment in regard to the aesthetic of the period, Dubridge remarked about the need for keeping one eye on the story and one eye on the visuals to ensure they stayed in the period.

Fear the Invisible Man

Fear The Invisible Man: A Film Set Apart

When questioned on how he was able to create a distinct feature, Dudbridge said it took some work to differentiate the script from the book. According to the creative, they did not want to merely play out the original work. Rather they wanted a fresh version to present to the world, which is a salient point. Without a doubt, divergence in film is something audiences crave.

In the original H.G. Wells version, it was the husband, Reginald, who had more interaction with Griffin, but in Fear the Invisible Man, it was the female lead, Adeline, who had interaction with Griffin. Another key distinction was in the type of relational ties.  In Fear the Invisible Man, It was a more romantic storyline between Adeline and Griffin. However, by the conclusion of the story Adeline who remains in conflict with her colleague, finally breaks free from Griffin’s control

An Important Inquiry

 The intriguing thing about this film is the questions it raises. One of the primary questions in the film becomes, can a person like Griffin ever put his love for Adeline ahead of his ambition, or will his narcissism always trump his love? Fans will find such an exploration a valuable part of their viewing experience as Adeline does end up having some type of power over Griffin. But the lingering question: is it more lust than love? 

 This Dead Talk Liive segment is an interview you don’t want to miss. It’s interesting and provides an abundance of fuel for thought. Check out the full interview below. 

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Fear the Invisible Man (2023) Official Rapid Trailer 

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