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Angels and Amnesia — What the Season 2 Trailer of Good Omens Reveals

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Our Favorite Divine Duo Are Stuck in a Jam… Again

On May 10, the Hillywood show on YouTube uploaded their long-awaited Good Omens parody. Their breathtaking cinematography, flawless costumes and set design, and brilliant parody lyrics to Billie Eilish’s “All Good Girls Go to Hell” was a treat enough for fans of the show. However, the thirteen-minute-long video was more than just the song — Neil Gaiman himself made an appearance, and in a parody of the Antichrist delivery, gave fans what they had been waiting two long years for. A release date.

Now, nearly a month later, Prime Video has given audiences another unexpected treat — an official trailer. After endless months of speculations, some answers have finally been provided. The divine entities are back!

Something’s Going Down in the Up

Archangel Gabriel (Jon Hamm) has disappeared, and both Heaven and Hell are searching for him. Heaven suspects he has gone to Earth, so they send an angel, Muriel (Quelin Sepulveda), to try to trace his path and report back. Unfortunately for Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), who is not very liked by Heaven by now, Gabriel has stumbled into his shop, clearly in trouble but with no memories.

Of course, Aziraphale calls on Crowley (David Tennant) to help him figure out what’s going on. To do so, they must hide Gabriel from both Heaven and Hell while following the clues and even, in Crowley’s case, sneaking into Heaven in the hopes they might have some answers. In the process, Aziraphale worries that “I think… I may have just started a war,” which is now somewhat of a regular occurrence in their friendship.

More of a Mystery

Unlike the first season of the show, where the Antichrist mix-up was clearly shown and explained, this second season provides an element of mystery. Its content falls outside the realm of the original book, meaning that no one knows what to expect, and no one but those personally involved in the show knows the answers. 

Clearly, Gabriel is in some sort of trouble, but it’s unclear who is responsible and what each side knows. Heaven must not know the full circumstances, or they wouldn’t send Muriel to investigate, and Hell has only heard the rumors that something is going wrong. Are they playing dumb, or do they know more than they’re letting on? It’s unclear, but it leaves fans wondering with breathless anticipation. The mystery only makes the new season that much more enticing.

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New Faces in Heaven and Hell

Though Muriel is the only new character spotlighted in the trailer, there are plenty of other new faces that hint at the inner workings of Heaven and Hell being shown more. Crowley is told by, presumably, a demon (played by Miranda Richardson) about the trouble in Heaven, and various new angels and demons are shown in the montage towards the end of the trailer. 

Not only will Heaven and Hell be closer explored, but so will the connection between Aziraphale and Crowley. After the half-an-hour cold open of the third episode in the first season, it was made clear the two have a long and intertwined history. Fans were over the moon at seeing the two of them in different time periods, and the trailer seems to tease more of those kinds of scenes in the upcoming season.

Everyday, It’s A-Gettin’ Closer

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long for all of their questions to be answered. Though it may seem like ages from now, the second season of Good Omens will be released on Prime Video on July 28. 

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Good Omens Season 2 Official Trailer 2023 Prime Video

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