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Atlus Accidentally Leaks Trailer For Persona 3 Remake

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Atlus Drops The Ball On Video Game Announcement

The Persona 3 Remake rumors have been rampant throughout the year, especially this week. There were rumors of a Persona 3 Remake being shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11, but Atlus themselves seem to have accidentally leaked a trailer for it before their presentation. Oops!  

It’s About Time

Fans have been demanding that Atlus make a Persona 3 Remake for years now, as there hasn’t been a definitive way to play it. There are currently two versions of the game. Persona 3 FES is one of them, which is an updated version of the original Persona 3. There’s no reason to play the original Persona 3 since it’s the same game with some rebalancing and a new epilogue known as “The Answer.” The other version of the game is Persona 3 Portable, which fixes some of the issues from FES, such as being able to control your party members. It also adds a female protagonist, creating a new ‘what if’ scenario.

However, this version also takes away things that made FES special, such as the animated cutscenes, 3D exploration, and The Answer. The story is now presented much like a visual novel, and the exploration is similar to a point-and-click adventure. Atlus released a remaster of this version earlier this year which had a mixed reception as fans of FES wanted them to include content from it in the remaster. It wasn’t the most well-handled remaster as not much was changed, and some things were presented worse, like the audio and visuals. Fans seem split on which version they like more, but now with this supposed remake, it could potentially become the definitive version. 

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As For The Trailer

From what was revealed in the leaked trailer on Atlus West’s Instagram, which has since been removed, the title for the remake will be Persona 3 Reload. The graphics have gotten a major overall as the character models look similar to those in more recent Persona titles. The character portraits have also gotten a makeover, showing much more detail. The UI looks to be taking inspiration from Persona 5 as well. A new song plays throughout the trailer, featuring lyrics from Lotus Juice, who’s featured in some of the vocal tracks in the original Persona 3. So far, it is unknown if the game will feature the female protagonist or The Answer. 

Based on the leaked trailer, Persona 3 Reload will be released in early 2024 on Windows and Xbox platforms. It has yet to be confirmed if it will come to the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation platforms. 


Persona 3 Reload 2024 Atlus Trailer

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