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Predator Versus Wolverine Comic Series Coming Soon

Wolverine vs. Predator

The Claws Are Out!

Two clawed comic-originating characters with their own franchises are finally coming face to face. Who will win when Wolverine and the Predator go toe to toe in Marvel’s latest announced comic series?

Predator is a Marvel Character: When Did That Happen?

The Predator comics originally debuted with Predator: Concrete Jungle in June 1989 under the Dark Horse Comics group, immediately following the release of The Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. That same year, Dark Horse released the Aliens comic series based on the franchise. Other notable Dark Horse comic franchises include Hellboy, Captain Midnight, and Conan the Barbarian. In 2020, Marvel Comics purchased the rights to both the Predator and the Alien and have since released series for both major characters. In the past, the two have clashed in their own crossovers, but the news of their addition to Marvel’s pantheon of characters has enticed fans with the possibility of future crossovers. 

Benjamin Percy: Charged with the Icons

Benjamin Percy is a well-known comic and book writer with a profound category of titles to his name. He got his start in the mid-2000s writing novels such as Red Moon, The Dead Lands, and most recently, The Unfamiliar Garden, which hit shelves in 2022. As for his comic career, in 2014, he started a career writing for Detective Comics with two issues around Batman. Afterward, he had a major stint with his Green Arrow series and has a line of Teen Titans coming out.

Wolverine Vs. Predator

Since then, he has worked with Marvel Comics, where he currently heads the Wolverine series, as well as working on X-Force, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight. His lengthy work history and heading of the Wolverine character make him a perfect choice to lead the crossover of the decade. Benjamin Percy is known for bringing an intense, animalistic spirit to the character, so readers are sure to have a truly intense battle to look forward to.

Wolverine and the Predator: Who Hunts Who?

With two hunters as iconic as this, the question begs to be asked: who will be the predator, and who will be the prey? The current information is that the two will duke it out in a four-part limited series that will span decades. Yautja, known as the Predator, has been stalking Logan since his earliest stories, and this comic series will prove it. The locals will return to Weapon X’s greatest hits, including both the Canadian wilderness where he comes from as well as the streets of Madripoor, a usual in many X-Men storylines. In each comic, the characters are rumored to only grow stronger as their battles draw in bigger stakes for each issue. Marvel is not playing around with these titans of violence and gore. No matter who wins or loses, readers and fans are in for a treat that was formerly impossible. 

Now that the Predator has joined the impossibly long cast of Marvel characters, fans can only imagine the possibility of future crossovers beyond just the superhero genre. For now, Predator vs. Wolverine comes to shelves this September 2023.

Wolverine vs. Predator

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