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Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Exploring the Most Impactful Mascot Horror Games

Mascot horror games have been around for a long time. Some have been more notable, others forgotten. Some have some controversy surrounding them, while others are just created for the sake of it. The trend doesn’t seem to stop any time soon, especially with indie horror games becoming more popular, with every one of them taking nostalgia and turning it into something menacing. They all have had inspiration from other works and each other.

Mascot horror is a genre that has spanned ages. It has been seen through many mediums, from books and movies to video games. But they all have had similar requirements in order for it to be considered a mascot horror. It has to be scary, include vague, childlike innocence, and humans have to be at the wrong end of it. Some have gore and lore while others don’t take it too far by just creating something creepy with a straightforward storyline. So, here are the top five most influential mascot horror games.

5. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Bendy and the Ink Machine is about cartoon characters coming to life. One of the creators behind it, Joey, is messing with something he shouldn’t be. The other one is the main character, Henry, that the audience plays as. Henry has left the studio they created — meanwhile, Joey has dove deeper into his work. Because of that, Henry has to put a stop to what Joey has created.

This has to be one that is not so much influential in the game industry, but to the people that enjoy the game. Many have made music for it and have drawn a ton of fanart. Even if it hasn’t pushed much on the mascot horror genre, others have taken the aspect of taking inspiration from children’s TV shows; for example, Amanda The Adventurer, which will be discussed later on. But that’s not the only thing that this game has influenced.

This game has such a unique aesthetic; it can’t not be mentioned. Bendy and the Ink Machine has influenced many with its cool artwork, character designs, and even sound usage. It has great music and sound effects. Although not many have adapted the sound design portion to their game, most have stepped up their sound effects. Not only that, but they have incorporated even more dialogue.

4. Poppy Playtime

Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Poppy Playtime takes place in an abandoned toy factory. This factory was run by a company called Playtime Co., but as with every mascot horror game, there was something being hidden from the public. This is a first person horror game with the player playing as an ex-employee. They end up going back to the factory to free the employees that were left behind. But once there, they find out that the note they received was a lie. So, the player solves puzzles, trying to escape while also running away from toys that are actually alive.

Poppy Playtime has many thinking about what they could do to make a mascot horror, potentially starting the new era of mascot horror genre, as illustrated by Garten of BanBan. They take toys and create stories even outside the game, like Five Nights at Freddy’s. Many players like the mechanics and roaming that Poppy Playtime has and even the jump-scares. This game has one of the best jump-scares from Huggy Wuggy, one of their popular mascots. It won’t be surprising if there is a compilation of Huggy Wuggy jump-scare reactions.

3. Duck Season

Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Duck Season being a VR game is what makes the game amazing. The characters are the kid the player plays as, his mother, and the dog in Duck Season who seems to just be someone wearing a costume. Duck Season is inspired by the game Duck Hunt, made in 1984. It has the same mechanics — the difference is that the player is playing as a character and is in a totally different environment. On top of that, there are also multiple endings and ways to play the game in order to get them. So, of course because of that there is a story within.

Although not a classic mascot horror game, Duck Season has its own way to make it seem creepy. Mainly it plays on the fact that the dog isn’t what it seems. Not many VR games have been able to create such an easy and fun game to play on one’s headset. But Duck Season has to be mentioned because of its uniqueness. Not every game needs a jump-scare for it to feel creepy. Sometimes all they need is to have a character that doesn’t seem to be “normal.”

2. Amanda The Adventurer

Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Amanda The Adventurer takes a dark and twisted turn with children’s TV shows. But that’s not all. There are puzzles to be solved and mysteries to look into. The player has to watch tapes and move around the room, finding other pieces of lore in order to understand the story. Unlike Bendy and the Ink Machine, this story has the characters alive, but not out in the physical world.

Although it is relatively new, Amanda The Adventurer has everyone intrigued. The escape room-esque game gives it its own unique style of gameplay. Even with the similar mechanics of a point and click game like Poppy Playtime and one room like Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game also has a typing feature that impacts what ending you get. It won’t be surprising to see other games being inspired by how they approach their story. There might be games in the works because of how different this game is.

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Top Five Influential Mascot Horror Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s is about animatronics coming to life. What seems to be an ordinary pizzeria is actually something sinister. Each game has similar mechanics and the same premise. The player plays as a security guard making sure there are no break-ins, but it turns out that the animatronics come to life at night. So, now the player must survive the night. But unlike the previous games, the most recent FNAF game, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, lets the player roam around a Pizzaplex. Instead of playing a security guard like the others, this time the main character is a kid named Gregory, who is trying to escape the Pizzaplex while being chased by the animatronics and a security guard.

Because of how many games this franchise has, it’s hard not to mention Five Nights at Freddy’s. It has influenced this genre of games since the first game’s release. This game has done a lot for indie game developers by helping them pursue their passion and not give up. There are games that have been inspired by FNAF, some using the same game mechanics, but in a more 3D setting, just like the ones previously mentioned.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is possibly the game that has put mascot horror in the forefront for horror games. This game came out in 2014 and has been going strong since then. With a movie coming out in October and new games and books releasing, there doesn’t seem to be a stop when it comes to FNAF. There are even more FNAF fan games out there still being released, some with the same mechanics and discussing the lore within the game. So, it’s no wonder this game takes first place with the most influential mascot horror game.

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