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Casper Van Dien & Alice Lucy Get Cheesy With DTL on Mad Heidi

Mad Heidi Cast

You’d Be Mad to Miss Out on Such a Gouda Movie

On June 10th, Dead Talk Live welcomed guests Casper Van Dien and Alice Lucy to discuss their roles in the 2022 Swiss exploitation, or Swissploitation, film Mad Heidi. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and winning the Audience Award in the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2022 and Best Feature Film Award in the Vancouver Horror Show 2022, Mad Heidi is set to screen in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters for a special one-night event.

Mad Heidi is an action exploitation spoof set in a dystopian Switzerland, which has fallen under a fascist empire run by an evil cheese tyrant. Heidi lives in the Swiss Alps under the protection of her grandfather, Alpöhi, but her desire for freedom gets the best of her, and she gets into trouble with the dictator’s henchmen. From this point, the sweet and pure Heidi begins her transformation into a revolutionary freedom fighter in an attempt to liberate her country.

In the interview, the duo shared why they joined the project, their experiences on and off set, and how they portrayed their characters in addition to the great deal of enjoyment they had during filming. There are even one or two cheese puns thrown in for good measure.

Mad Heidi

Casper Van Dien — who is no stranger to movie spoofs — having starred as Rico in the beloved military satire Starship Troopers, described the film set as a “family environment” with investors in the movie working in front of and behind the camera and goes on to laud his the professionalism of Alice like “an old-time Hollywood actress.” Alice Lucy reminisces about her time on set and her character, Heidi. She goes on to talk about the physicality of her role and being able to bring her talents and skill as a second-dan black belt in karate.

Alice even teases that audiences might potentially see further adventures in the world of Heidi as “[she’s] sure the directors have got more cheese puns up their sleeves.” In that case, hopefully, fans will have more gooey violence and cheesy wordplay in the future.

If you happened to miss out on this fun and laid-back interview with the movie’s lead stars, you can hear about the aforementioned — and much more — in the interview below.

For those interested in the film in attending the screening in the US or Canada, you can go to Fandango or Fathom Events to book your tickets for the one-night showing on Wednesday, June 21st.

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Dead Talk Live 2023 Interview With the Cast of Mad Heidi

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