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Vincent M. Ward Talks Devilreaux (2023) with Dead Talk Live

Vincent Ward on Devilreaux

Modern Horror With an Eye-Popping Twist

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Vincent M. Ward, star of the new horror movie Devilreaux, stopped by to discuss how the idea for the movie came about and what the project meant to him as both a writer and an actor.

Set in the 1800s, Ward says he came up with the idea for the film in a dream and formed much of the project at that moment, saying the concept of the characters’ voices and appearances also came to him within the dream. Ward stated that he had already written some of the film’s script by the time his collaborator, Thomas J. Churchill, came on board the project and that the two made the film together based on Ward’s original idea.

Discussing the film’s backstory, Ward stated that the decision to have the film take place over the course of two different time periods came about as a result of his wanting to explain how Devilreaux, the titular villain played by Ward himself, came to be and how he transitioned into modern times from his initial conception.

Devilreaux’s Origins

Further examining the concept of the film, Ward stated the character of Devilreaux, while being similar to Candyman, the iconic villain played by Tony Todd, wasn’t intentionally written to be that way, and the similarities between the two are coincidental in nature. Additionally, the practice of voodoo, while being something that, by Ward’s own admission, was only present in the film in a very superficial manner, was still something that the crew learned about as a result of the ritualistic store that the movie was filmed in.

Vincent Ward on Devilreaux

Discussing the story itself, Ward stated that the character of Devilreaux was also one that was very much a victim of his circumstances and who had a mother that sought vengeance for the manner in which her son was treated. Ward also made sure to mention that the fate of Devilreaux’s father, Leonard, was something that had no effect on his determination to be Devilreaux—he was going to seek vengeance regardless.

Staying True to History

Responding to a question asked by host John Vizaniaris, Ward also spoke about how difficult it was to play a black man freed from slavery in a post-Civil War era. In the movie, his character succumbed to the abuse levied at him by the people around him, and having to play someone who experienced all of that abuse was something that Ward said made him cry on set. But, as a writer, Ward insisted that these script elements be kept in place to maintain its essence and not hide something that “everybody knows happened.” And as a final note, Ward confirmed that the character of Devilreaux, as he exists in the movie, seeks solely to seek revenge upon those who did him wrong, but that, within the character’s canon, he hoped that Devilreaux could be called upon in a more vigilante-styled manner in the future.

Devilreaux is out now in theaters and on demand. If you haven’t already, please watch the interview at the link below!

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Interview with Vincent Ward URL:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gMs45AWkK8

Vincent Ward on Devilreaux

Devilreaux (2023) Official Lionsgate Trailer

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