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Best Moments Of The Mandalorian: Season 3

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Moments That Stood Out In The Mandalorian's Third Season

The Mandalorian has been one of the biggest draws to the Disney+ streaming platform. Even though season 3 is largely considered to be the weakest of the series by critics and fans alike, some amazing moments still had viewers on the edge of their seats or jumping for joy, rooting for their favorite heroes in a galaxy far away. Here are five of the best moments from the third season and some of the best moments thus far in this space adventure.

5. Bo-Katan’s Arc & The Mythosaur


One of the best moments in season three comes relatively early in the season with the second episode, “The Mines of Mandalore.” We see Din Djarin and Grogu venture to the planet Mandalore for the first time so Din can bathe in the Living Waters to redeem himself to his clan after removing his helmet in the previous season. They are shocked to find the air on the planet is breathable and that it isn’t cursed, as many of his people have believed. Throughout the episode, Din finds himself in trouble, leading to Grogu reaching out to Bo-Katan to help the group.

However, the best moment in the episode comes at the end when Mando enters the waters, and Bo-Katan sees the mythical beast known as the Mythosaur, the symbol of the Mandalorians in the flesh. She yet again has to save Din in the water, and there is where she sees the eyes of the beast. It chooses not to harm them, and it seems like a stamp of approval towards her leadership and the beginning of her arc to redeem herself throughout the season. This moment is not just surreal to see because of the Mythosaur, but to see Bo-Katan take up her mantle once more and feel worthy of her people, regardless of her faults and whether she believes the beast was a vision. It gives her hope, which is shown later when she tells the Armorer of her experience.

4. How Grogu Escaped Order 66 

Mandalorian Image Four

After showing brief clips of Grogu’s experiences from Order 66 in earlier seasons, we wondered if the show would fully dive into how he escaped the Jedi purge at the Jedi Temple. In episode four, “The Foundling,” fans were delighted with the answer, far more than they ever expected to be with the return of a prequel actor. Ahmed Best, known for his performance as the most despised character in Star Wars, Jar Jar Binks, got a second chance at the Star Wars universe as a Jedi named Kelleran Beq. In the episode, it’s revealed that Kelleran saved Grogu’s life at the hands of the Empire. 

This reveal was a great moment for two reasons; first, fans finally got answers to how Gorgu survived Order 66, and second, the reveal that Best’s Kelleran was the Jedi Knight that saved him, allowing Best the opportunity to play a heroic character in the Star Wars universe. Perhaps the resurgence of admiration for the prequels helped his return, or the creatives behind The Manadalorian wanted redemption to occur both on-screen and off. Let’s hope fans see more of his character in the future and learn more about his relationship with Grogu and whether they had a bond or it was just a matter of saving an innocent life.

3. Grogu’s New Machine 

Grogu's New Machine

Throughout the third season, there were hints of the return of the cherished battle-turned-nanny droid, IG-11, who actor and director Taika Waititi voiced. However, it wasn’t until the penultimate episode seven, “The Spies,” that he returned in great capacity. There were plenty of amazing moments in the episode, including Moff Gideon and the Shadow Council (where they reference Grand Admiral Thrawn and his looming presence). Still, one moment fans instantly clung to from just sheer adorableness alone was when Din and Grogu visited Greef Karga and Grogu got to go inside and use a new and improved IG-12, taking it up a notch.

While IG-12’s return wasn’t what many fans hoped for, it provided the show with one of its best moments when Grogu ran around smashing the “yes” and “no” buttons on the droid, arguing with Din like a teenager would with their parents. This moment allows Grogu the ability to speak for one of the first times, providing a light-hearted moment amidst the jam-packed action-filled episode. In Gogru’s new mechanical suit, we see another great moment in which Gideon and his Dark Troopers fight against the Mandalorians, ending on a cliffhanger when Din gets captured. Grogu continues to use his new abilities to move faster and to speak as much as he can before the droid is sadly discarded once more, but the short time we had with IG-12 is appreciated nonetheless.

2. Gideon’s Return & The Final Fight Against Him

Moff Gideon's Return

At the beginning of the third season, The Mandalorian teased the return of villain Moff Gideon. Gideon’s return came as no surprise to fans who believed he would be back one way or another if not just to utilize as much talent and screen prowess from actor Giancarlo Esposito. As Gideon, Esposito needed to be given more material to stand out as one of the great Star Wars villains, and fans wanted to see more.

Episode seven provided another pivotal moment with his return at the end of it. Still, one of the best moments in the season and the entire series comes in the final episode of season three, episode eight, “The Return.” The final episode was a satisfying conclusion, with Bo-Katan leading the Manadalorians with the Darksaber in hand and Grogu and Din facing off against a series of Praetorian Guards. However, the best moment is when Din, Grogu, and Bo-Katan team up to fight against Moff Gideon. There were so many shocking moments played out beforehand, like the discovery of Gideon’s clones and the Darksaber’s destruction, but seeing the trio fight together like a family was truly special. And with Din and Grogu destroying Gideon’s room full of clones, hopefully, this means a clone won’t come back to haunt them in the future. 

1. Din Adopts Grogu & A New Life

Din Adopts Gogru

While the rebellion and final battle against Gideon was one of the greatest spectacles in the Star Wars universe, the ending of the season provided a few of the best moments to involve the show’s central relationship, Din and Grogu. After finally defeating Moff Gideon and his army, the Mandalorians reclaim Mandalore as their home and visit the Living Waters in celebration. Din takes Grogu to the water before the Armorer and tells her that Grogu is no longer a foundling as he has proven himself. However, since Grogu can’t fully speak to recite the Creed, the Armorer denies Din’s request. But what warmed hearts across the globe was the moment that Din Djarin adopted Grogu as a son so he could become an apprentice. 

Their relationship has always been considered a father and son type, as the two bonded throughout the series over their loss and tragedy. But seeing how much Grogue means to Din by adopting him as a son is one of the series’s best and most important moments and is one fans have been dying to see for a long time. Grogu finally becomes an apprentice and is given his new name, Din Grogu, embracing the Mandalorian over the Jedi, which tries to prevent him from having attachments. 

The season wraps up with Grogu and Din settling on their new land and cabin away from everyone, with Din becoming an independent contractor for the New Republic. Din and Grogu finally embrace their relationship and find a comfortable life at their new cabin, with Din relaxing and Grogu chasing frogs. It’s a beautiful moment for the pair that could easily be seen as a series finale.

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