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First Trailer For Pixar’s Elio Released


Beautiful Animation, Great Characters, and a Universal Theme

Pixar Animation Studios and Disney bring many talented players together to create Elio, set to release in 2024. The first official teaser trailer is now out, showing insight into the film’s gorgeous animation, well-thought-out character stories, and themes. 

Story and Characters 

In Elio, a young boy gets accidentally transported into the Communiverse and mistaken for Earth’s leader. After being threatened with getting his memory wiped, Elio decides to go along with the lie that he is Earth’s leader and tries to fit in this new world. 

Elio, played by Yonas Kibreab in the animated film, is “an underdog with an active imagination,” as described by The Walt Disney Company. He is clearly someone who is just trying to fit in. Even when other alien species talk about things like eating their own mother at birth, which Ambassador Grigon does (played by Brad Garret, from Everybody Loves Raymond and Ratatouille (2007), Elio just lets it slide with a nervous smile and says nothing. Nevertheless, Elio loves his own mother. 

Elio’s mother, Olga (voiced by America Ferrera, who starred in Ugly Betty), appears to have a job that has to do with seeking information about alien lifeforms and other universes. Therefore, it is quite exciting how her son’s call mixes in with the alien message saying, “Bring us to your leader.” This points to a probable secondary plot line featuring Elio’s mom, potentially doing her job while also bringing her son back to Earth. 


Far Out of this World – Yet Hitting Close to Home

Pixar and Disney are pointing out how humans are looking for answers about the universe in a very yearning and obsessive way. Such can be portrayed by the several gadgets and gizmos shown at the beginning of the trailer. While this film provides an idea of what some answers might be, we do not actually have nearly as much information as we would like, despite actually having that excessively large amount of technology.

In the teaser, when Elio calls his mom, who is busy with the many gadgets at work, she tells him, “Honey, now is a really bad time.” Upon hearing this, Elio appears to feel hurt and a bit ignored. This too is a small glimpse portraying the unfortunate ignorance humans inevitably give to their loved ones because of the technologies they use and the answers they seek from the far unknown. However, isn’t what matters most the loving family you have? It appears that this dazzling Pixar and Disney film will feature this significant message and theme, too.

Major Players

Director Adrian Molina (screenwriter and co-director of Coco (2017)), producer Mary Alice Drumm (associate producer of Coco), and many others come together behind the screen to create this beautiful film. 

Voice actors include, as some have been mentioned above, Yonas Kibreab as Elio, America Ferrera as Major Olga Solís (Elio’s mom), Jameela Jamil as Ambassador Questa, and Brad Garret as Ambassador Grigon. 

Elio Release Date

Unless viewers have an intergalactic, time-traveling machine, audiences must wait until March 1st, 2024, for the movie’s release. 

Until then, let us enjoy other Pixar and Disney films, both outer-worldly and Earthy.


Elio (2023) Official Pixar Trailer

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