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Why Michael Scott is the Best Boss on TV

Michael Scott

Michael Scott: The World’s Best Boss

The Office (2005-2013) is a workplace sitcom that, to this day, continues to deliver new content to its adoring fans; people still want more of Micheal Scott (Steve Carell), the world’s best boss. In this article, we’ll discuss Michael Scott and what makes him the best boss on television.

Michael Scott Provides Laughter in the Workplace

Michael Scott has his fair share of cringeworthy moments throughout the run of The Office, especially during those first few seasons. But even despite those jokes that make our skin crawl, Michael Scott is the driving force behind much of the show’s comedy. The conference room scenes are a comedic centerpiece of many episodes, and Michael is always in charge. With characters like Prison Mike, film screenings of Threat Level Midnight, and spontaneous group musical numbers to “Stayin’ Alive,” Michael always keeps his workers and audience entertained, even if they don’t appear to enjoy it all the time. Occasionally, Michael’s humor is less than well received by the employees, and given the nature of some of his “jokes” in season 1, this is totally understandable. Especially in season 1, Michael can be downright offensive, but after this rocky, unlikable portrayal of the character, Michael’s comedy got softer and more palatable, though still cringey. The Michael the audience sees in the seasons following the first improves and develops gradually, his humor moving with him. And, in those later seasons, the audience can’t help but wish they had such a fun, kooky, entertaining boss and workplace. Wouldn’t it be great if your boss took ten minutes out of every day to create a little chaos in the conference room? 

Michael Scott: Not As Dumb As He Looks

There are lots of clever TV bosses out there: Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), and Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) – to name a few. But Michael Scott’s somewhat shocking wisdom beats them all, possibly because he doesn’t make a big deal out of his intelligence. Michael’s goal is always to entertain or bring people closer together, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as bright, if not brighter than some of our other favorite smart TV bosses.

Aside from the chaotic conference room fun, Michael Scott does occasionally prove he’s a lot more than the happy-go-lucky regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. On more than one occasion, Michael proves he has a better sense of what the customers want than the corporate office does. Michael’s branch continues to pull down the best numbers in the company while other branches close down. He’s a great salesman who knows how to make personal connections with their buyers, keeping their loyalty over the big-box chains. Michael knows his excellent customer service and people skills can beat lower prices, and he frequently proves himself right. While his employees, especially Jim (John Krasinski), frequently doubt Michael or think they know better, Michael proves his wisdom. He has plenty to teach people like Jim, who think they know everything but don’t. Michael also knows his employees and knows what they need. In one episode, Jim thinks combining several employee birthdays and celebrating with a single party will save everyone’s time. It turns out that Michael had this same thought years ago but quickly learned that nobody is happy when their birthday lumps in with someone else’s. A slice of cake and a party in the conference room is always a welcome addition to the workday.

The Office Regional Manager Cares About His Employees

Other TV shows feature funny, clever bosses, but few are as caring as Michael Scott. Yes, Michael can sometimes be a little overbearing and intrusive in his workers’ lives, but he wants the best for them. This does make firing people difficult, but that also shows that Michael doesn’t take this action lightly. He knows jobs are important to people and that getting fired can be a terrible thing to experience. Michael’s kindness comes across in other ways too. When nobody turns up for Pam’s art show, Michael not only goes but buys a piece of her work and hangs it in the office. He shows Pam that he cares about her, and, as a result, Pam begins to care about Michael, and the pair forge a friendship the audience won’t soon forget. This friendship inspires Pam’s loyalty to Michael, which is a great asset to any boss. Michael has similar relationships with the rest of his employees, often saying they are like family to him. Of course, there are other caring TV bosses out there. Again, Leslie Knope comes to mind. But with Leslie and many others, the overbearing kindness she shows her employees can seem self-interested at times. Of course, Michael’s social inclination can get this way too, but he also tends to see what people need and is there for them when they need it most. Michael sees the person before the employee. Wouldn’t it be great if all bosses were like that?

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