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Netflix’s Freeridge: A Review


Another Netflix Show Canceled

If you were a fan of the beloved comedic coming of age show, On My Block, you should know it has a spinoff, Freeridge. Netflix came out with Freeridge this February. The show is another hilarious coming of age series, it also takes place in South Central Los Angeles. While the two shows share a setting, the plot and the characters are different from one another.

The Cast 

Gloria (Keyla Monterroso Mejia) is a very family oriented person. Ever since her mother passed away ten years ago, Gloria has carried the weight of her family on her shoulders. Keeping an eye out for her sister, Ines (Bryana Salaz), is like a full time job that Gloria never gets a break from. 

Ines includes herself in Gloria’s friend group. Gloria, Cam (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Demi (Ciara Riley Wilson) plan to kick her out of their little circle but then their circle is cursed. They then realize they need Ines more than they thought they ever would.


Their Journey With The Curse 

There’s a decent amount of drama in Freeridge – audiences should imagine as it’s a coming of age show. Between the sister rivalry and the curse, viewers are left with a cliffhanger each episode. One minute the cast is running around with an old creepy box, the next they’re punching each other, and later exposing each other on a podcast. 

The curse has the cast spiraling down a dark hole of worry. Gloria, Demi, Cam and Ines all question their every move, wondering if certain things are happening because of the curse or plain chance. There’s no coincidences in this series, but definitely a good deal of karma. 

The show really represents how people can come together under serious circumstances despite their differences. 

Maybe The Cast Really Is Cursed

The cast questions why certain things are happening, but fans of the show are questioning why Netflix canceled Freeridge. Just two months after the first season aired, Netflix announced there will be no more seasons, no more Freeridge… but why? No reason was given. The last episode left fans with a questionable cliffhanger, yet no answer will be provided to ease the fans’ excitement to find out what’s next. 

Is it Worth Getting Into? 

There may not be a season two of Freeridge coming out to enjoy, but audiences can still enjoy the first season. The adventure of discovering new wonders in Freeridge is similar to that of On My Block. The mystery of the curse is a mystery that is worth trying to figure out with the main characters. 


Freeridge (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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