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Crater (2023): A Review


A Heartfelt Space Movie

Crater (2023) is about a kid, Caleb, raised on the moon in what’s called a Lunar Colony. His dad dies in a mining accident which makes Caleb eligible to go to Omega. Because of this he and his friends plan on going out to a crater that his dad has always talked about. Of course with that comes many new experiences for kids raised in a Lunar Colony. Produced by Disney, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and written by John Griffin, Crater is a feel good movie that came out in May 2023.

Film Review

The plot of the movie is surprisingly more heartwarming than expected. It plays on friends and family being the main plot point, but Crater was able to suggest something else as well. The pacing made sense, but did fall off at certain parts. Like when the friends would fight with each other. Those times felt like very quick bursts and that anyone could have been triggered at any moment. 

The film also gave such a nice sci-fi vibe. One of what it feels like if the future did involve people living on the moon. What sort of problems that would bring, but it was all put in the perspective of children. Which went well with the plot of this movie. Children not experiencing Earth makes the audience feel their emotions, they feel along with emotions beyond them. The tech used and the setting, it all spoke about what the future would be. Which helped with selling when in the future Crater was taking place.


Characters And Acting

The acting was believable. But as previously mentioned, it did fall out at certain points that weren’t the actors’ fault. For instance, Caleb was played by Isaiah Russell-Bailey. Who was one of the young actors that was great. As he is the one going through the most changes his silent build up of anger and sadness worked. Marcus, who was played by Thomas Boyce, did a great job as well.

Marcus was another character with some subtlety. So, the way Thomas Boyce was able to portray that without stealing away what was happening in front of him was great. Only some audiences will be able to see it much like the characters in the movie. But, all in all the acting from the young actors was amazing. They each captured a different essence for their characters.

Cinematography And Aesthetic

Crater was able to create a Lunar Colony that looked both rundown and futuristic. The lighting helped with that. The bright lights were great to show how much would be needed if a group of people lived on the moon. Especially with how dark the moon because of the faraway stars that don’t illuminate it as much. The camera placements definitely showed how close the friends are.

With the close ups of showing each one’s emotions. Then with the wide shots that showed how they misunderstood each other. Not only that but they also have this one shot that followed them. The slow camera following along with them running was a great way to show how in the moment they were. Then there were some where a character would get close and sit next to the other and it would cut to a wide shot. Those shots have so much meaning to them that feel right for Crater since it’s all about family and friends.

Final Rating

Although it is a good movie, Crater doesn’t necessarily need to be seen. It does deserve a watch with the family. It all depends on one’s taste. If one likes a feel good movie with a bit of drama then watch it on Disney+. If not, then don’t be surprised to hear about a Lunar Colony inspired by Crater.


Crater (2023) Official Disney+ Trailer

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