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Writer/Director Cassie Keet is DTL’s Special Guest

Scream Therapy

Scream Therapy: The Eye-Opening Reason to Scream

On the upcoming episode of Dead Talk Live on June 21, 2023, at 6:30 p.m., writer/director Cassie Keet will be our special guest to discuss her latest film, Scream Therapy. Keet holds 25 acting credits, 16 writing credits, and three directing credits to her name. She is known for other projects such as the television mini-series Death Record (2022), Worst Case Scenario (2018), and the film short; We Die Alone (2020)

Keet’s Scream Therapy

The film is about a woman named Avery who breaks up with her boyfriend after a seven-year relationship that will never end in marriage. Avery’s best friends, Nora, Dyland, Marybeth, and Gillian, swoop in to bring her out of her funk. They take Avery to the desert for girl time and healing scream therapy. When the girls run into two demon-worshipping men, it is obvious the time away will not go as expected. 

Scream Therapy stars Harley Bronwyn as Avery, Geri Courtney-Austein as Marybeth, Claire Dellamar as Nora, Mandie Cheung as Dylan, Rochelle Anderson as Gillian, Skyler Bible as Zachariah, and Brian Flaccus as Jeremiah. Cassie Keet both directed and wrote the film. As she mentioned in her director’s statement, real-life horrors inspired the film, and some of horror’s misogynistic tropes were used to give the film originality. The Knights Young Productions produced Scream Therapy, and it will make its world theatre debut at Dances With Films Screens on June 23 at the TCL Chinese Theatre.   


Scream Therapy

More on Keet

According to Keet’s website, she is a sandwich enthusiast who describes herself as a supernatural genre nerd at heart, who you can find between projects performing with “Whoa Man!” Sketch comedy in Hollywood. Also, she is “obsessed with telling the complicated stories of complicated women.”

Stream Scream Therapy

Make sure to check out Cassie Keet’s full interview below. 

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

Scream Therapy (2023). Official Trailer


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