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Detective Chinatown 3

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The Detectives Are Solving A New Case In Japan

Detective Chinatown 3, directed by Chen Sicheng, is an action-suspense-comedy movie starring Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran, Tony Jia, and Masami Nagasawa. The film was released in China in 2021 and is the third in the Detective Chinatown series. The film’s primary setting takes place in the Chinatown of Japan. After their previous cases in Bangkok and New York, Chinatown detectives Tang Ren (Wang Baoqiang) and Qin Feng (Liu Haoran) have been invited by Detective Noda Hiroshi (Satoshi Tsumabuki) to solve a case in Tokyo. Unlike the previous movies, this film mainly involves multiple detectives whom the protagonists got to know in Bangkok and New York. 

The Detectives in Japan

The storytelling technique used in this movie to explain the storyline aligns with the style of director Sicheng. The film begins with the detectives arriving in Japan. As Qin and Tang get off the airplane, Qin utilizes his reasoning ability to observe everything and analyze the situation. This story plot shows the audience about Qin’s ability and his skill to solve cases. In addition, while solving the case, Qin depends not only on his skills but also on other companions like Kiko (Yuxian Shang). In the movie, all the characters have their specialties and professional skills. For example, using her programming skill, Qin would depend on Kiko to search and hack into systems. Since every character has professional skills and characteristics, one of the protagonists, Tang, has no special abilities. However, he plays a vital role in the film because he adds various comedy components that make the movie hilarious at times. In addition, to build up Tang’s character, director Sicheng embeds story settings where Tang always finds prominent clues to solve the challenges in the movie with his specialty in Feng Shui. 

Performances that Draw Audiences Into the Stories 

The characters in this maintain the same quality as the prequels of Detective Chinatown 1 and Detective Chinatown 2. In this movie, Qin is still the smartest detective on the team, while Qin still has the issue of stammering when he is nervous. Liu plays this role with his compelling and believable performance to develop the character and make the audience like the character because of his smartness and stammer characteristics, making the character more natural and exciting. On the other hand, Tang is more challenging to perform because this character does not play the role of an intelligent person in the movie; instead, this character creates humor and surprising turning points in the storyline. In this case, the Tang often messes things up in the film, making him annoying to the audience. However, Huang’s performance makes Tang likable in the movie and important. Even though he makes things more difficult for Qin, Tang constantly shows his care to Qin as his uncle and takes the responsibility of being the adult. Tang collaborates with Qin and builds a tacit understanding, showing the audience that Tang is growing through three movies. 

The performance of both Liu and Huang makes these two characters the protagonists who support each other to become the “detectives of Chinatown.” In the movie, the famous actor in Japan, Masami Nagasawa, also presents an outstanding performance, which resonates with the audience when Kobayashi Anna confronts her father.

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Presenting the Process of a Detective Solving a Case

The cinematography in this film continues to become intriguing, engaging, and fascinating to the audience. Similar to the previous films, director Sicheng visualizes Qin’s “memory palace” ability by utilizing special effects. With this technique, the audience can travel with Qin and follow his thread of thoughts to solve the case. In the movie, the director mainly uses close-up shots to present the astonishment of characters to make the audience realize that the character has found a significant clue related to the case. Not only that, but the costume design in this movie also achieves the goal of visualizing concepts and delivering happiness to the audience. To build the connection with the prequels, Qin and Tang continue to wear their classic outfits, the green raincoat, to highlight their identity, the detective Chinatown.

Similarly, the movie also involves the moments when characters have to wear funny costumes to achieve a goal. In this movie, Sicheng continues to use this plot to embed Chinese elements and establish comedic components. The use of light and shadow also highlights the characters in the film. For example, when the group “Q” appears at the end of the movie, the light only lightens their faces which builds up the theme of seriousness, heaviness, and mystery for the film. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, with the quality of performance, production techniques, and storyline settings, Detective Chinatown 3 is a compelling movie that presents a detective story to audiences. With comedic elements suitable for audiences of all ages, this is the perfect movie for families to sit together and enjoy. 

Detective Chinatown 3 is available on Prime Video, YouTube, and iTunes.

Detective Chinatown 3 2021 Warner Bros. Official Trailer

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