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Shin Ultraman

Shin Ultraman

The New Era of Ultraman

The New Age of Tokusatsu 

Ultraman is a science fiction Tokusatsu television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions in 1966. This 39-episode TV series and the other TV program called Ultra Q initiated the age of Tokusatsu in history. Shin Ultraman, directed by Shinji Higuchi, is a superhero film that reinterprets the origin of Ultraman, starring Masami Nagasawa and Takumi Saitoh. The film takes place in the modern world of Japan, where the existence of a giant unidentified creature called Kaiju has become a daily occurrence. Although the Ministry established the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol (SSSP) to eliminate these threats, the weapon developed cannot defeat some Kiju. Shin Ultraman tells the story of a superhero who is from another planet, saving Earth and starting to get to know about human nature. 

The Storytelling in the Movie 

Although it is a re-imagining of Ultraman and utilizes the new setting of Ultraman, the major story plot is still about a superhero from a different planet saving earth by fighting Kaiju. This film not only presents the history of Ultraman and the custom of his planet, Nebula M78, but director Higuchi also embeds the plots of humans saving the earth with Ultraman by utilizing modern weapons. In this case, director Higuchi adds the setting of the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol (SSSP) to assist the Ultraman in defeating Kaiju instead of the Ultraman saving the earth alone. Even more, the film also delves into the trust between humans and the Ultraman. Since Ultraman is an alien to humanity, his power and the mystery of his hometown makes human nature fear this creature as they fear the Kaiju. The encounter with Alien Zarab highlights the trust crisis between humans and the Ultraman. Alien Zarab proves that the tie between Ultraman and human beings is weak as he applies his conspiracy in the movie. Not only that, but even Ultraman’s companion Zoffy is confused about why Ultraman loves humans and Earth. In this film, there are many story plots highlighting that although it takes time to build trust, Ultraman deeply loves Earth and human beings, and humans would not only depend on Ultraman to save Earth, but also fight with him to defeat Kaiju. This concept has become the main theme of the Ultraman series, and the film continues to instill this concept throughout. 

Shin Ultraman

The Realistic Performances of the Characters 

Unlike the earliest version of the Ultraman series, this film appears to have a more realistic theme and tone for the audience. In it, director Higuchi utilizes weaponry that the audience can see in real life, like fighter jets and armored vehicles. In this case, the performance of the characters in the film is realistic and believable. As Kaiju attacks the city, Kimio Tamura, who is the leader of the SSSP, successfully establishes the image of a calm and prudish character. Shinji Kaminaga, who is the protagonist, also performs disparately before he co-exists with Ultraman after the hero saves him. During this period, Ultraman is eager to learn about human nature, culture, and customs, and the performance of Shinji demonstrates that Ultraman is an alien who is learning about Earth. Hiroko Asami, played by Masami Nagasawa, is the other protagonist in the movie, and her importance is shown in supporting Shinji and leading him to think of the question of whether he is still a human or an alien. Her performance is outstanding and believable to the audience, which enhances the theme of the story in the film. 

The Cinematography of Showing the Connection Between Humans and Ultraman 

Compared to the first released TV series of Ultraman, Shin Ultraman utilizes a different technique to present the fighting scenes between Ultraman and Kaiju. Nevertheless, the cinematography in this film continues to be intriguing, engaging, and breathtaking for the audience. In this film, there is a large improvement in presenting Ultraman to the audience in cinema by utilizing computer animation instead of Tokusatsu. By adopting this technology, it delivers more exciting scenes to the audience, and it allows the character, Ultraman, to do more complicated movements, since the production team does not need an acrobat to perform as Ultraman. Throughout the movie, director Higuchi uses multiple low-angle shots to build up the impact of seeing colossal objects from the view of a human being. This technique makes scenes more shocking and breathtaking to the audience. Even more, with the use of computer animation, the movements of Kaiju and Ultraman are more fluid and natural compared to Tokusatsu, which makes the movie more exciting. 

The Final Ideas about Shin Ultraman

Overall, Shin Ultraman continues to fulfill the concept of protecting the Earth and fighting Kaiju with human beings. It presents the conflicts between the aliens and human beings and the trust issues between Ultraman and human beings. Furthermore, the film also explores the bifurcation within the protagonist and his thinking path of whether he is a human or an alien. In addition, computer animation further improves the quality of fighting scenes and cinematography in the film, which makes it more exciting for the audience. 

Shin Ultraman is available for purchase on Prime Video.

Shin Ultraman

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