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Jackie Chan and John Cena’s Hidden Strike Coming to Netflix in July

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The Legendary Hong Kong Martial Artist and WWE Wrestler Finally Unite!

Having announced the end of its production back in 2018,  Hidden Strike has endured quite the ride to be experienced by fans finally. The film, with a large background of action stars, has received the biggest news as Netflix acquired the streaming rights in the US. Five long, tedious years of post-production and many title changes were not enough to stop this dream pairing from hitting the screen. 

The Duo is Here!

The monumental action film is the first on-screen pairing of famed action stars Jackie Chan and John Cena. Chan will be playing Chinese veteran, now turned private security contractor, Luo Feng, alongside Cena’s role of former American Marine Chris Van Horne. Together they are tasked to escort a group of civilians from an oil refinery along Baghdad’s notorious “Highway of Death.” With their newfound partnership, Feng and Van Horne, on their route, must face off against mercenaries who plan to steal all the oil. 

The film is directed by Need for Speed and the upcoming Expen4bles’ Scott Waugh. Chan and Cena’s enemy in the film, Owen Paddock, will be played by Game of Thrones star Pilou Asbaek. In the role of Henry Van Horne, the younger brother to Cena’s character is Amadeus Serafini. Joining them is also Zhenwei Wang from 2010’s remake of The Karate Kid, Minghau Hou, and Rachael Holloway. 

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More Into the Background 

Speaking more on the film, Jackie Chan shared his excitement as it is situated in Chinese culture. Co-star John Cena learned Mandarin for the film as director Scott Waugh lived in China for months. Waugh himself had more to add on the characters and their emotional backstories, telling the Hollywood Reporter, “I always want the audience to go for a full ride in my films. I want you to laugh, cry, and be on the edge of your seat.” To have such megastars in the leading roles and a supporting cast and crew in a film like this is big. Director Scott Waugh hopes that the film becomes an example of how to collaborate creatively and commercially between Hollywood and China.

Hidden Strike starring Jackie Chan and John Cena is set to release on Netflix on July 28th. 

Hidden Strike 2023 Official Trailer Netflix

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