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One Cut of the Dead French Remake “Final Cut” Drops Trailer


A Zombie Movie About Making a Zombie Movie

Final Cut is a French remake of the Japanese movie One Cut of the Dead. The trailer has dropped: here’s what to know.

What To Know

Final Cut has already been released in France, but now it is making its move to the United States. And as previously stated it is a remake of a Japanese movie, One Cut of the Dead. Final Cut is about a film crew going and shooting a zombie movie. With a low budget and a willingness to make it a one-shot, they set out on their way to film it. But it isn’t that easy. As they are shooting for the film, zombies actually appear and now the cast and crew must deal with the living dead.

The movie is not only a zombie flick, but also a comedy. Final Cut promises to be hilarious as a commentary about the film industry. It even has three nominations, two from the same award ceremony and the other from a festival. Final Cut was nominated for best adaptation and best original music in the César Awards. It was nominated for best motion picture in the Official Fantàstic Competition. So, people can expect to listen to some great music along with some amazing shots.


Cast, Crew and Release Date

Final Cut is directed by Michel Hazanavicius who’s known for The Artist. He wrote the screenplay for it while the original screenplay was written by Shin’ichirô Ueda and Ryoichi Wada. Romain Duris plays Rémi or Higurashi. Bérénice Bejo as Nadia or Natsumi. Grégory Gadebois as Philippe Rolland or Hosoda. Finnegan Oldfield as Raphaël Barrelle or Ken. Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz as Ava or Chinatsu. Sébastien Chassagne as Armel Lestoquoy or Yamakoshi. And lastly Raphaël Quenard as Jonathan Mental or Akira. 

Final Cut releases July 14, 2023 in theaters. So be on the look for more information!


Final Cut (2023) Official IGN Trailer

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