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Rosemary’s Baby Prequel Film Is in Development

rosemary's baby prequel

The Cult Horror Classic Receives a Prequel

The 1968 horror classic directed by Roman Polanski, Rosemary’s Baby, has made a name for itself within the oversaturated genre. Ever since its release, the psychological horror film has garnered a cult following, as well as an NBC miniseries adaptation of the film. Other sequels and remakes have been in development over the years, including a remake involving Michael Bay. 

An official prequel has secretly been made under an alias, though. Titled Apartment 7A, the film has recently gone through test screenings in which audiences have responded well to the film.

Premise of Apartment 7A

Apartment 7A takes place shortly before the events of Rosemary’s Baby, following the woman who died outside of the apartment in the original film. All that is currently known is that the new movie follows the woman, who is said to be a young dancer, as she rents an apartment from an elderly couple. Based on the original classic, it’s most likely the elderly couple will have a connection with the sinister cult, with both them and the cult being a source of torment for the lead. The film has been described as “very intense” and “clever,” with the lead’s performance as “diabolically hilarious,” making the two descriptions feel like an odd but interesting pairing. 

rosemary's baby prequel

Who’s Involved?

Julia Garner is set to star in the lead role as the young dancer. Along with Garner, Dianne Wiest, Marli Siu, and Rosy McEwen are starring in supporting roles. However, the characters they are portraying have yet to be revealed. 

The film was directed by Natalie James, who co-wrote the script along with Skylar James and Christian White. The prequel is being produced by John Krasinski, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, Allyson Seeger, and Michael Bay through Paramount Studio’s Sunday Night Productions and Platinum Dunes. 

Is There a Release Date?

Currently, Paramount has not set a release date for the film. Whether or not the movie will be given a proper theatrical release or get sent straight to streaming is also unknown. However, the movie has wrapped production and has undergone test screenings, indicating that a release date should be announced soon. With festival season coming up, Apartment 7A seems like a prime candidate for a Fantastic Feast release or similar horror film festivals.

Rosemary’s Baby is available to stream through Itunes, Google, and Vudu.

rosemary's baby prequel

Rosemary’s Baby (1968): Official Trailer

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