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James Gunn Confirms Superman Legacy Won’t Explore Clark Kent’s Childhood

clark kent childhood

Gunn Revealed the Focus of the Famed Superhero

Look—up on the screen! It’s a man! It’s a hero! It’s not young Superman! As recently stated by James Gunn himself, the upcoming Superman Legacy will not feature any of Clark Kent’s childhood or background story. 

No Background? Is that Problematic?

“I think we’ve seen his origin enough in film at this time!” are the words Gunn shared via social media. Unlike past iterations of Superman, Gunn has decided to skip past the arrival to Kansas from Krypton and get straight to the life of Clark Kent. With such a known hero—up there with the likes of Spider-Man and Batman—the backstory is so well known. In Matt Reeves’ The Batman and the MCU’s Spider-Man films, they also skipped past the backstory, instead allowing the heroes to already be established by the film’s beginning. Looking at those films, The Batman Part II is scheduled for release in 2025, while Tom Holland seemingly has a new Spider-Man film to look forward to. Those franchises have demonstrated that going down a different route in telling the story  of a known superhero is not as ludicrous as once believed. 

Being in the hands of an expert superhero film director such as James Gunn, Superman: Legacy is sure to handle the situation without any hiccups. Filming is set to begin in January 2024, but there are still some puzzle pieces to be placed.

The New Face of the Hero Is Able to Leap Tall Buildings

When Henry Cavill was announced to no longer be playing Superman, much speculation circulated on who would fill the role. Gunn immediately began auditions in search of his Kal-El. Whoever took the role knew they were committing to the new DCU—headed by Gunn and Peter Safran—which is set for the next decade. After extensive auditions, fans were welcomed to the new Superman moving forward: David Corenswet. Currently sitting at 29 years old, the Pearl and Hollywood star is only two years older than Cavill was when he was cast as Superman. Along with Corenswet, Rachel Brosnahan was cast as the new Lois Lane. The villain is rumored to be Lex Luthor, but the actor casted is still being decided; brothers Alexander and Bill Skarsgård are reportedly in the final list of names for the role.  

As for the plot details, the film will follow Clark Kent as he tries to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringings in Smallville, Kansas. Superman: Legacy has a release date of July 11th, 2025, set to be the first film in the DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. 

The Wait Is Not Long

While the film is the beginning of the DCU, Superman is not the first hero of the DCU. Gunn also revealed that Blue Beetle, in the film of the same name, is the first hero of the DCU. The film releases August 18th, and the trailer for the film can be seen below. 

clark kent childhood

Blue Beetle (2023): Official DC Trailer

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