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Why Scott Calvin is the Best Movie Boss

The Santa Clause

For the Love of the Boss in The Santa Clause Films

There are so many legendary movie bosses: Don Corleone (Marlon Brando), Darth Vader (James Earl Jones), and Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), but you might not want to work for many of the ones that come to mind. Writers grace television with tons of incredible bosses, like Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). Still, workplace comedy rarely transitions to film in such a way that sheds a positive light on employers. However, in this article, let’s discuss the pick for the best movie boss anyone would love to work for: Tim Allen as Santa Clause in The Santa Clause film franchise. Please be aware: spoiler’s are ahead. 

Scott Calvin is an Innovative Santa Claus

After accepting his position in the first The Santa Clause film, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) starts making improvements in the North Pole. As the previous Santa Clause slid off of his rooftop and died, Scott is determined to make Santa’s job safer. Scott previously worked for a toy company, so he brings that know-how to the table when developing features like Santa’s fireproof suit and the microphone in his hat to make sure he can alert the elves if something goes awry. Neither Scott nor the elves come up with anything to hinder Santa’s falling off the roof, but under his guidance, the elves still make Santa’s job much safer. But Scott’s improvements in the North Pole are certainly not exclusive to his safety. Scott is determined to make kids happy and get them the best gifts possible. Fairly lenient on the naughty and nice list, as the audience sees in the second film when Scott’s Santa is juxtaposed with his toy replica, Scott understands that kids are kids and are not always perfect. He pays special attention to what each child wants and always delivers. As a result, Easter Bunny (Jay Thomas) points out in Santa Clause 2 that “kids are 86% happier since [he’s] taken the job!”

This Movie Boss Brings Sarcastic Humor and Endless Fun

Not only is Scott Calvin an innovative Santa Clause, but he’s also incredibly funny and keeps morale up around the office. Scott’s Santa isn’t exactly conventional with his sarcastic, sassy humor that can air on the negative side, but the elves (and the audience) think he’s hilarious. Santa also plays games with the elves to ensure life at the North Pole stays fun. After a few of the elves pour some tinsel on his head in the second film, Santa fakes anger and challenges the elves to a game of tinsel football. This moment displays his good humor and appreciation for the elves’ youthful spirits. Still later, when Santa’s toy replica plays football with the elves, the audience sees that Santa is fully capable of trouncing the elves, but the real Santa does not do that. He doesn’t play tinsel football to win but plays to make the elves happy and to have a good time.

Santa Clause

The Best Bosses Accept Guidance from Others

Even though Scott Calvin’s Santa is constantly taking sarcastic shots at the world around him and playing the know-it-all, he’s quite aware that there’s a lot of information he doesn’t have. Santa constantly takes guidance and advice from Bernard (David Krumholtz), Curtis (Spencer Breslin), and even Charlie (Eric Lloyd)! In the first film, Scott/Santa asks Charlie how he could do this job without him, to which Charlie responds with a smile, “You couldn’t.” Scott/Santa continuously benefits from people and elves who challenge his opinions, as his future wife, Principal Carol Newman (Elizabeth Mitchell), displays in Santa Clause 2 and Santa Clause 3. Especially once he dons Santa’s coat, Scott becomes something of an old softy, but he benefits greatly from Carol’s more disciplinary traits. He also rubs off on her, and even though these two are very different, they complement each other nicely and run the North Pole like old pros.

Tim Allen’s Santa Understands the Big Picture

Finally, perhaps one of the best things about this movie boss is that he understands the importance of his job and is incredibly passionate about it. By making improvements and innovations in the North Pole, ensuring children get something special for Christmas, providing a fun and joyous work environment for the elves, and understanding that there’s always room for growth through hearing other people’s opinions, Scott Calvin proves that he cares deeply about his job and, as a result, everyone around him cares as well. At the start of the first movie, Scott doesn’t have the most wholesome views of the Christmas season, but as he becomes Santa and learns from the job and those around him, Scott sees that Christmas is wonderful, magical, and gives hope and joy to the kids of the world. Scott/Santa loves his job and understands the importance of Christmas to all kids. As a result, he makes it his mission to be the best Santa ever, and he certainly succeeds. In addition, he captures the audience’s hearts as the best movie boss ever, and anyone would love to work for him.

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Santa Clause

The Santa Clause (1994) Official Disney Trailer

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