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Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

The Upcoming Barbie Film is Now Prohibited in Vietnam Due to a Scene Regarding the South China Sea

Unveiling the Controversy 

The much-anticipated Barbie film was banned in Vietnam on Monday, causing debate. The film’s depiction of the South China Sea, a zone of geopolitical conflict between China and Vietnam, affected the decision. The exclusion and banning of the film underlines ongoing disagreements over how sensitive topics are portrayed in the media and points to a critical era of cultural struggle.

Cinematic Censorship 

The main premise of the first live film adaptation of the well-known Barbie doll surrounds Barbie and Ken as they are living in a different reality compared to “Barbie Land”. The reason behind the film being off-limits is because of a scene relating to a photo of a map showing the “nine-dash line.” This map is claimed to have caused displeasure and seen as insulting, since China also claims jurisdiction over this sea, according to the Tuoi Tre newspaper. Vietnam has banned several other movies and TV shows in the past due to similar photos of these maps, such as Abominable and Uncharted. As a threat to Vietnam’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, the sequence was perceived as indirectly endorsing China’s extensive claims to the sea. Vietnam has long rejected China’s claims to the sea and sought to protect its territorial rights.

Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

Warner Bros. Response and Global Release 

Warner Bros. has yet to make a public statement regarding this censorship.  Despite the ban in Vietnam, fans around the world are anticipating its release, hoping that the film will provide a new perspective on the iconic doll while navigating the difficult landscape of international politics. In this instance, however, it clearly raises issues about how global film studios will deal with such geopolitically sensitive content in the future. This event also emphasizes the significance of film as a medium for reflecting, and sometimes challenging, real-world political landscapes. As such, it may spark important discussions regarding filmmakers’ ethical responsibility when portraying sensitive themes.  The film is scheduled to release in theaters worldwide on July 21st, 2023.

Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

Barbie (2023) Official Trailer

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