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Top Five Musical Artists That Should Tackle Movie Soundtracks

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Artists We Would Love To Hear On Any Cinematic Soundtrack

Movie soundtracking over the years has increasingly become more of a space for mainstream musicians, and not just composers, to flex their muscles and branch out into making music with a specific theme in mind. This focused effort involves them needing to make music that accompanies particular scenes in a movie rather than just their thoughts and ideas. With that in mind, here are five musicians who would be great at adapting to that task and do so with flying colors.

5. Lockett Pundt 

Lockett Pundt

Current guitarist and occasional lead singer of indie rock band Deerhunter, Lockett Pundt, would make a fantastic composer for a soundtrack due to his uncanny ability to create an atmosphere within a song and craft beautiful melodies that stick in your head without you even noticing. For proof, look no further than “Agoraphobia,” “Like New,” and “Desire Lines”—three songs that truly exemplify that ability and serve as highlights of the band’s entire discography. As a songwriter, Pundt can engross you within the worlds of the songs he creates and keep you coming back for more because of their ability to feel at home. And as a composer, there’s almost no doubt that he’d be able to do the same.

4. Angel Olsen

Angel Oslen

A yodeller of infinite ability, Angel Olsen would be an amazing soundtrack composer because of her beautiful ear for melody and deeply expressive vocal style that would send chills down the spine of anyone who cared to listen. And while movie soundtracks are often instrumental in nature, Olsen would have no problem translating her ear for melody into instrumental songs that would still demonstrate her ability to pull on your heartstrings and deliver moments that make you remember how emotional music can be.

3. Elan Noon

Elan Noon

Hidden in the shadows of every band he’s been a part of, Elan Noon is the stage name of musician Keenan Mittag-Degala, former drummer of the highly underappreciated Canadian rock outfit Jons and former touring drummer of the next band on the list. As a drummer, Mittag-Degala approaches the kit like a painter painting a canvas—each stroke delicately adds to a drum part’s overall beauty rather than simply keeping time. In much the same way, his solo work is just as beautifully crafted. Just listen to last year’s “Caricature” and dare to say that the man wouldn’t be a fantastic composer for any movie he did a soundtrack for. 

2. Loving


Next up is Canadian indie group Loving, who, for all intents and purposes, are the best band to ever come out of Victoria, British Columbia. Composed of the core trio of David Parry and brothers Jesse and Lucas Henderson, Loving are the most undeniably evocative artists on this list—suggestive of a time in anyone’s life in which the world felt beautiful and understandable, as if everything suddenly made sense and life felt like something you could live for the sake of living. In that sense, a band like Loving could easily create a soundtrack for movies like Aftersun or Marcel the Shell, so inherently beautiful that you can’t even begin to understand why. But Loving helps.

1. Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas

And at the top of our list, we have Julian Casablancas. Frontman of the Strokes, the Voidz, and his own solo project, Casablancas takes the number one spot almost entirely because of how interesting it would be to listen to. As a songwriter, he’s undoubtedly proven himself to be one of the leading voices of his generation, and his songs have found a place within the hearts of many who grew up listening to them, instrumentally speaking. However, Casablancas is not a one-trick pony—from songs like “Human Sadness” to “Metabolism, to even “River of Brakelights” from his solo work, Casablancas is an endlessly exciting songwriter who pushes himself constantly in his career while still maintaining the pop sensibilities that people know him for. For that reason, Casablancas would almost certainly excel at writing music for a soundtrack—because he would push himself to write the best possible thing he could do.

Julian Casablancas and The Voidz (2014) CultRecordsNYC Official Music Video

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