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Why Mac Gargan Should Return to the MCU

Why Mac Gargan Should Return to the MCU

It’s About Time for Mac Gargan to Shine.

Throughout its lengthy run, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has introduced audiences to countless villains — many of whom are still present in the universe. These adversaries include storied and developed characters such as Thanos or Loki — but other villains like Malekith have seen their screen time short-lived. The film franchise has — rather infamously — set up even more enemies for our heroes who have seen little screen time. 

One character with the most potential for the MCU to bring back is Mac Gargan, who many MCU fans may have already forgotten about. In 2016’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, the MCU set up multiple characters as future names in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man films, including Aaron Davis (Prowler), Herman Schultz (Shocker), and, most importantly, Mac Gargan. Gargan is usually known as the Spidey foe Scorpion, but he could easily fill another — more interesting — role as the MCU’s Venom.

Played by Michael Mando (famous for roles such as Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul or Vaas in FarCry 3), Mac Gargan could be one of the most potent MCU villains to date. While talk about his inclusion has been more or less nonexistent since his first tease in Homecoming, Mando’s take on the sociopathic Mac Gargan would be a great adversary for Spider-Man’s next story.

Scorpion Makes His Debut

The post-credits scene at the end of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming shows Gargan approaching Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) for a team the former is putting together. Gargan is seen with a Scorpion tattoo on his neck, asking Toomes for Spider-Man’s identity to no avail. The scene shows that the character is particularly committed to revenge and is well-connected to others who feel wronged by Spider-Man.

With Toomes now in the Sony-verse (shown in a confusing post-credit scene teaming up with Morbius), it’s unlikely that Scorpion will be enacted in a Sinister Six team-up, but he may pop up some other way. Gargan’s first comic appearance featured J Jonah Jameson hiring the former to undergo scientific manipulation to destroy New York’s web crawler. The MCU could show Gargan being contacted by Jameson to submit to this experimentation to leave prison and hunt down Spider-Man — who, as of the end of No Way Home, no one knows the true identity of.

With Jameson and his Spidey smear campaign being present in the MCU, the next Spider-Man film may be the perfect time to introduce the long-awaited Scorpion as a villain.

Why Mac Gargan Should Return to the MCU

MCU’s Venom

Possibly the most interesting way that the MCU could use Gargan’s character would be to give him the venom symbiote. In No Way Homes post-credits scene, we see Eddy and Venom leave a piece of the symbiote in the central MCU dimension. No Way Home’s ending also reverted Peter Parker’s identity being exposed to the public, though there’s a chance the venom symbiote left behind may remember Spider-Man’s alter ego. 

The version of Venom most fans are familiar with is Eddie Brock’s iteration. In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, Eddie (Topher Grace) was a rival reporter to Peter (Tobey Maguire), managing to get the symbiote after Peter. More recently, 2018’s Venom showed Eddie – played by Tom Hardy – getting the symbiote completely independent of Peter. With no Eddie Brock currently in the MCU, we may see the role eventually form around Mac Gargan.

Gargan somehow getting ahold of the symbiote will enable the villain to enact his search for Spider-Man. This outcome wouldn’t be too far-fetched either, as previous comics have shown Gargan as Venom. Additionally, this iteration of the villain is known for being particularly brutal, eating animals, Skrulls, and humans. Fans have been clamoring for the franchise to embrace the darker side of the comics — by introducing Gargan’s venom, they may see just that.

With all this in mind, Gargan’s character could be developed in the next Spider-Man film as a supporting villain (perhaps alongside a villain like Kingpin). Then, he could be introduced to the symbiote and become a further threat to the web-crawler.

Future Team Ups?

While the Morbius post-credits scene is likely Sony’s attempt to set up a ‘Sinister Six’ movie, the path of Scorpion’s inclusion seems pretty much impossible. However, Gargan has been seen in other teams, such as the Thunderbolts. With the team’s film set to release in 2024, we may see Michael Mando reintroduced to the MCU or at the very least teased. Or who knows? Maybe the MCU will build their own “Sinister Six” storyline outside of Sony’s. Tom Holland is reportedly willing to continue his role as Spider-Man, hoping to pass the baton to a more diverse candidate (i.e. Spider-Woman or Miles Morales). The future of Spider-Man could eventually see the character team up with his successor to fight Gargan and whomever the connections he mentioned in the original post-credits scene were.

While it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him, Mac Gargan’s character has plenty of potential for future Spider-Man films. And with Spider-Man’s foray back into the streets of New York, we may see him make his return as a future MCU Villain.

Why Mac Gargan Should Return to the MCU

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