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Legendary Actor Danny DeVito Open to Reprising Role as Penguin

This should leave fans with happy feet

Danny DeVito is truly a man who needs no introduction. As someone who starred in a large number of classics, it’s no wonder he’s universally loved on the internet. So the news of his openness to reprise his role as Penguin in the DC cinematic universe should surely make many jump with glee.

Which Batman?

Modern society has reached a point where there are so many superhero movies on the market that it’s difficult to keep track. This is especially true with the iconic DC super detective, Batman. This particular hero has seen so many cinematic iterations that to go over them all would be a task onto itself. The last decade and a half alone has seen numerous versions of Batman on the big screen. From Christopher Nolan’s legendary trilogy to the more recent attempts with Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson’s crooked chin both donning the mask.The only other hero that can make the same claim is Marvel’s Spiderman.

 It would be easy to forgive those unaware of the fact that Danny Devito once played an iconic villain in the series.The entry in question is none other than Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, which could stand on its own amongst more recent entries due to style alone. Aside from having Burton signature style, the film also had an ensemble cast with the likes of Micheal Keaton, Michele Pfieffer and Christopher Walken. Danny DeVito naturally wound up stealing the spotlight with his performance as Penguin.

Why is this happening? (Warning: light spoilers ahead)

DeVito’s desire to reprise his role as the Penguin is partially due the events of DC’s latest film The Flash. In this film, DeVito’s co-star and caped crusader himself, Micheal Keaton, makes an appearance. For fans unaware of what has been happening with the DC cinematic universe, James Gunn has stated plans to give it a makeover. This means that much of what has released up until The Flash is essentially null. There are of course exceptions to this as films like The Batman and Joker are expected to get sequels. Since the DC universe has received a sort of facelift, anything is possible.

March of the Penguin

As previously stated, Danny DeVito has a cult-like following in no short part due to the large number of films he has appeared in. He has also had a recurring role on beloved sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Due to this large potential market, seeing DeVito do his iconic penguin walk isn’t out of the question. Whether this means as just a reference or actual villain in a future installment, fans will have to wait to find out. For fans of the man himself, DeVito is currently slated to star in The Haunted Mansion which is set to release July 26, 2023. For fans who haven’t seen it, The Flash is still in Theaters while Batman Returns is available to stream on Max and Amazon Prime.

Batman Returns (2023) Official DC Comics Trailer

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