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Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

Everything Fans Need to Know About the Top Five Upcoming Action Anime This Fall

It’s no secret that 2023 has been a big year for action anime fans, with Demon Slayer season 3 in March, Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 released in July, and many more. It’s been an exciting spring and summer season, and it will only get better, with the fall 2023 cycle almost upon us. Fans are buzzing about what’s to come, and viewers agree it’s safe to say it will not disappoint.

The list below includes Dr. Stone, Eminence in the Shadow, Tokyo Revengers, Spy x Family, and last but certainly not least, Attack on Titan. While this list sticks to more well-known anime, the fall 2023 action anime cycle lineup is much grander. Some action anime releasing new seasons during the fall 2023 cycle that are not listed below include (but are not limited to): Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse, Ragna Crimson, Rising of the Shield Hero, and Pluto. Without further ado, let’s get to it. 

5. Dr. Stone: New World, Part 2 of Season 3

Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

Crunchyroll’s very own Dr. Stone will return with part 2 of season 3 this October 2023. The Dr. Stone series is based on the manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and drawn by artist Boichi. Dr. Stone’s anime series aired its first season in December of 2019 and quickly gained a large fan-base due to its stunning visuals, animation style, and unique storyline. Crunchyroll and IGN listed Dr. Stone in the “Top 25 Best Animes of the 2010’s” list, and in 2020 Senku Ishigami won the “Best Protagonist” category at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

This sci-fi action series follows Senku Ishigami, a fifteen-year-old scientist, as he rebuilds civilization after humans were mysteriously petrified for 3,700 years. He gains both allies and enemies along his journey, making the series exciting and gripping as we watch Senku and company race to rebuild humanity before the main antagonist Tsukasa Shishio, who wants to restore humankind unequally.

Season 3, part 2 of the series, will return to Crunchyroll for the fall 2023 season, and fans are buzzing about what’s to come. Season 3 centers around the “New World” arc, a storyline that follows Senku as he uses science to figure out how to travel across the sea after building a somewhat robust community on the land. It’s the next natural progression of the series as fans continue to watch Senku rebuild humanity from the ground up. The second part of season 3 will see a resolution to the arc, and viewers are hoping it will be just as fun and intense as the rest of the action-packed anime series has been. 

4. The Eminence in Shadow: Season 2

Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

The Eminence in Shadow will release their highly anticipated season two in October 2023. The Eminence in Shadow is based on the manga series written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tōzai, while the anime series is directed by Kazuya Nakanishi and produced by Nexus. This anime series aired its first season in October of 2022 and has already gained a worldwide fan base for its character development, world-building, pacing, and storyline. 

This isekai (a genre of anime in which a person from the regular world is sucked into a fantasy realm) series follows the protagonist Cid Kagenou as he builds an elite team to fight off against “cult diablos,” a squad that he soon names The Shadow Garden. Season one was well-received, and many viewers argue it’s an underrated series with intense action sequences and laughable moments, two ingredients that make for an entertaining action anime. 

Season two has been highly anticipated ever since its debut in 2022. Fans can expect an entertaining season with Cid and the Shadow Garden appearing in the Lawless City, with many moments where Cid remains clueless, and his band of warriors remain badass. The Eminence in Shadow can be watched on HIDIVE starting October 2023 and eventually on Disney +.

3. Tokyo Revengers: Season 3

Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

Tokyo Revengers is gifting the anime world with not one but two seasons in 2023. The fun and engrossing anime released their second season in January 2023 and will be releasing season three in October 2023. Tokyo Revengers is based on the manga written and created by Ken Wakui. The anime series, directed by Koichi Hatsumi and produced by Liden Films, released its first season in April 2021. It quickly became a fan favorite due to its lovable characters, action-packed fight scenes, a protagonist viewers can root for, and a storyline that dabbles in time travel. 

Tokyo Revengers follows twenty-six-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki as he discovers his middle school ex-girlfriend was killed in a gang violence-related incident. He then travels back in time to save her, reappearing as his middle school self. Season two covered parts of the Valhalla Arc and all of the Black Dragon Arc that ended on a dark, foreshadowing note of future events. It’s a whirlwind of a series full of promises for this upcoming third season, which will follow the Tenjiku Arc, a highly received arc in the manga that follows the rising tension between Takemichi and Tetta Kisaki; a storyline that fans know will exceed expectations.  

Season 3 will air in October 2023 and can be watched on Crunchyroll and Hulu with a subscription. 

2. Spy x Family: Season 2

Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

Spy x Family will release its highly anticipated season 2 in October 2023. Spy x Family is based on the manga written by Tatsuya Endo, while the anime series, directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and produced by Wit Studios and Cloverworks, aired its first season in April of 2022. It was highly received due to its jaw-dropping animation style, intense and thought-provoking plot, and lovable characters. 

Season one was a fantastically entertaining debut of Loid Forger’s mission to bring world peace by infiltrating and spying on Donovan Desmond. Being the recluse Desmond is, Forger’s only viable plan of action is to create a “family” by marrying Yor Forger and enrolling his adopted child, Anya, into the same school Desmond’s son is in. Though the pacing of the show can be a bit hit-or-miss, fans can’t get enough of the adorable Anya as she tries, and mostly fails, to help her father with his mission or the comedy of Yor trying to act as the perfect wife, despite her being a ruthless assassin (a fact that Loid does not know of).

With season 1 becoming such a hit, season 2 has been highly anticipated. While season 1 focuses more on the bonding of the Forgers, every one of them strangers not too long ago, season 2 will feature more scenes, plots, and action sequences that revolve around the mission. Season 2 can be watched starting October of 2023 via Crunchyroll and Hulu. 

1. Attack on Titan: Season 4 Part 4 

Top Five Action Anime Returning this Fall

Last but certainly not least, Attack on Titan is releasing its fourth installment of season 4 in October of 2023. And yes, it has been confirmed that this is the end. For AOT fans, to say this season has been drawn out is an understatement, but that doesn’t damper the buzz viewers are feeling as October comes closer and closer. The epic anime is based on the manga series written by Hajime Isayama. The first 59 episodes of the series was produced by Wit Studios, but was then transferred to MAPPA, who has been animating and releasing new episodes since. 

Attack on Titan has gripped viewers since its season one release in 2013, from its revolutionary animation style to a plot line that is binge-worthy. AOT follows main protagonist (and later main antagonist) Eren Yeager as he seeks freedom for him and his people at any cost necessary, even if it means burning the rest of the world to the ground (literally). The final installment of AOT will draw the beloved franchise to a close, marking the end of a legendary era, and while fans are ready for the series to come to its final close, it won’t make it any less bittersweet. 

Fans can watch season 4 part 4 on Crunchyroll and Hulu as Mikaska, Armin, and company unite for their final battle to stop Eren Yeager. A battle that will end all battles.

Attack on Titan Final Season Official Trailer

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