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Everything We Know About Stephen King’s Christine Remake

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Blumhouse Is Currently In The Development Of A Remake Of King's Classic Horror Novel

Stephen King is one of the world’s best-known authors. His ability to write horrific and captivating stories has garnered the author immense success. King’s contributions to the horror genre have not gone unnoticed. Christine, another one of the author’s many novels, is being adapted once again.

Kings Numerous Adaptations  

The well-respected author has garnered millions of fans over his decades-long career. Several of his novels and short stories have been adapted for both film and television. Some classics include films like The Shining (1980), Pet Sematary (1989), and It (1990). Countless others have been adapted over the years.

The author has experienced success with his other various works being adapted more than once. Most notably, It, King’s novel by the same name, was first published in 1986, spawning a successful movie adaptation in 1990. The film was remade in 2017 and titled It: Chapter 1. Its sequel, It: Chapter 2, was released two years later in 2019.

 King’s 1983 novel Christine is being adapted for a second time. The original novel was published back in 1983, with the book’s first film adaptation released that same year. Now Christine is being adopted for a second time.

Christine’s Plot 

The book follows a nerdy, unpopular teenager named Arnold and his good friend Dennis. One day the two noticed an elderly man selling a 1958 Plymouth Fury in the local junkyard. The man introduces himself as Ronald Labay. He refers to the car as Christine and lets the two teens know he’s selling it if they are interested. Arnold jumps at the opportunity of purchasing the Fury for only 250 dollars. Once Arnold buys the car, Dennis sits inside and has a vision of when it was brand new twenty years earlier. Not long after this, several other unexplainable events begin to take place. Dennis, along with everyone else in town, begins to connect the strange events back to Christine. However, Arnold refuses to listen to his friend or others, resulting in dire consequences.

What We Know About the Latest Adaptation 

Back in June of 2021, Blumhouse Productions announced they were developing King’s classic novel for a second time. As of December 2021, the script was said to be in King’s hands. The author did express doubts about pursuing an adaptation again. But it seems King has had a change of heart. Several others working on the project have confirmed the project is moving forward. 

Bryan Fuller, creator of the Hannibal TV series, is said to be the film’s director. Jason Blum, who founded Blumhouse Productions, is serving as an executive producer. Other executive producers include Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban. Blum is a good partner, given his background in the horror genre. His company has produced films such as Paranormal Activity (2007-2021), Insidious (2010-2023), and The Purge (2013-2022). The status of the film’s production is not known as of right now. However, Blum has told several outlets that Christine’s script is finished. Nothing has been announced concerning casting or a possible release date.

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Will the Adaption Remain Faithful to the Novel  

Fuller and Blum have said they want to stay relatively close to the film’s source material. The original novel takes place in the 1980s and features Kings’ signature dark and chilling themes. Hopefully, Sony Pictures will release Christine sometime soon as horror films have become notorious for their short production time. Hopefully, this holds for Christine

It is worth noting that Sony does not have a direct-to-streaming platform like several competitors. This means the film will most likely only be released in theaters unless Sony can agree to a deal with one of the other streaming platforms regarding the rights to the film. Due to the popularity of streaming in recent years, this could allow the film to reach a wide array of audiences, particularly a younger demographic that may not be familiar with King’s original novel.  

King’s career is a testament to how universal his writing is, whether told through a book, short story, or screenplay. The author has cemented his status as one of the best novelists ever. His stories continue to resonate with audiences time and time again, whether they be fans of his original work or fans of his numerous adaptations. Audiences will surely enjoy the retelling of the classic Christine.

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Christine (1983) Columbia Pictures Official Trailer

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