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Netflix UK kicking Benedict Cumberbatch to the Curb

Benedict Cumberbach

The Netflix Original The Power of the Dog is Leaving its Platform

People aren’t happy that Netflix UK is removing The Power of the Dog (2021) from their platform. Fans of the film are more confused than someone trying to spell Eggs-Benedict-Cumbersome-Patch correctly on their phone. Sorry, – Benedict Cumberbatch. Ugh, I hate autocorrect!

Some may barely notice this omission because they accidentally signed up for six different streaming platforms since they promised themselves they would actually remember to cancel free trials this time. Moreover, with the paradox of choice, it’s shocking that people can even tell when films disappear. When too many options are presented, one inevitably gets overwhelmed and misses gems like this.

Besides, films hop around between streaming services all the time, which is the nature of licensing agreements. What’s strange is that The Power of the Dog is a Netflix original movie, and Netflix originals are supposed to stay on their home turf. However, this film was produced by BBC Films, so it will likely find a home on BBC iPlayer akin to the Netflix original His House (2020.)

Is This Film Actually Something To Miss?

This version of The Power of the Dog is not to be confused with another fantastic novel (2005) by Don Winslow about the War on Drugs. This film is based on the novel by Thomas Savage (1967) – a Western that takes place on a Montana cattle ranch in the 1920s. Kirsten Dunst, a widow, and her new husband (Jesse Plemons) raise her son (Kodi Smit-McPhee,) but tension escalates through the presence of her husband’s brother (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Power of the Dog

This plot may sound like Legends of the Fall (1994), which involves three hot brothers living on a Montana ranch during World War I and one very alluring woman who bewitches all of them. If one likes Brad Pitt at the pinnacle of his hair perfection, they’ll love this. Also, acting giant Anthony Hopkins plays the brothers’ father, though he doesn’t try to sleep with the woman – most likely because he really wants a grandkid and he’s past his prime to procreate.

But this isn’t a celebration of old men who can’t have kids. This is a discussion of the film The Power of the Dog and how it was good enough to receive a staggering 12 nominations at the 2022 Oscars, including the coveted Best Picture as well as acting nods for Dunst, Plemons, and Cumberbatch. Jane Campion, the director, won Best Director and currently holds the title as the first woman to be nominated for Best Director more than once. 

Where To Watch It Now

There are a couple of weeks left to enjoy The Power of the Dog before it leaves Netflix UK on August 18th. But fear not – it’s now available to purchase on DVD or Blu-ray. Kidding, you’d have to become Dr. Strange and time travel back to an era when DVD players were actually used. Your only saving grace is stealing a VPN from your English friend so you can use their BBC player in the United States. *As of this publication, DeadTalkNews is unsure how many English viewers we have. The last time we put out a survey assessing whereabouts, most responded they were located in their parents’ basement.

Power of the Dog

Power of the Dog (2022) Official Netflix Trailer

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