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Zack Snyder Teases Sucker Punch Director’s Cut

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A Snydercut Of The Cult Film Could Be In The Works

Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch was released in 2011. The film was Snyder’s first original feature and focused on the protagonist Babydoll (Emily Browning) — a woman confined in a mental institution. Her surreal imagination allows her to escape from reality into an action-packed world of her own creation. The film was not only a box office bomb but elicited negative feedback on its portrayal of women. In a recent interview, Snyder addressed the backlash while expressing interest in a revised cut of the film.

Snyder’s Reaction to Feedback

Snyder was interviewed by the IFC Center leading up to an anniversary screening of the film. When asked for his reaction to the many audience members who found the film’s female characters reductive, Snyder said he found it “slightly disheartening” as the film was “so genre self-aware.” The director was disappointed when “people took the movie as if the girls fighting and all that stuff was the movie,” and added that the studio cut several scenes that made the film’s intended tone more difficult to decipher. 

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The Original Vision for Sucker Punch

To explain just how different his intended version of the film would have been, Snyder shared Sucker Punch’s scrapped original ending. “When Babydoll is in the chair in the basement with Blue — she’s already been lobotomized — when the cop shines the light on her, the set breaks apart, and she stands up, and she sings a song on stage.” The protagonist would then cover the Five Stairsteps’ “O-o-h Child.” “Blondie, and all the people that have been killed, join in, and it’s the idea that in a weird way, even though she’s lobotomized, she’s kind of stuck in this infinite loop of euphoric victory. It’s weirdly not optimistic and optimistic at the same time. That’s kind of what the tone was at the end. We tested it and the studio thought it was too weird, so we changed it.” 

Snyder shared that he had always intended to revisit the film. Despite negative responses when Sucker Punch was released, it still managed to garner a cult following. When asked about a potential director’s cut of the film, Snyder said, “You’ll get to see it at some point, I’m sure. I hope.” 

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