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Five Books That Will Get You Hooked Into Reading

daisy jones and the six

Reading Doesn't Have To Feel Like A Chore

Growing up, many people usually have two views regarding reading; you either love it or hate it. Being forced to read books in school puts many people off of trying to read for fun and enjoyment, and many people find it difficult to believe that reading can be more like a hobby and not homework. Once you find the right genres and authors for your specific reading taste, reading can be an incredibly pleasant and entertaining experience. If you are interested in picking up reading as a hobby or trying to read a book that isn’t The Great Gatsby or Great Expectations, here are five books that can get you hooked on reading, ranging from romance to fantasy. 

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses – Fantasy 

a court of thorns

A Court Of Thorns And Roses is the first book in the ACOTAR series by author Sarah J. Maas. This novel follows a 19-year-old huntress named Feyre, who lives in the magical world of Prythian. When Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a magical creature shows up on her doorstep, demanding justice and revenge for the death of the wolf. Feyre is unwillingly taken from her home and moved to a different part of Prythian, where she must deal with the consequences of her actions. However, as Feyre begins to spend more time with her captor, she realizes that this beast is not as bad as she thinks he is. Feyre’s world unravels as she is thrown right into the world of immortal faeries who rule all of Prythian, and she realizes that everything is not as perfect as it seems. 

Often described as a Beauty and the Beast retelling, ACOTAR is a romance fantasy series focusing on the magical world of faeries, wolves, and many terrifying and deadly creatures. The ACOTAR plot is mainly fantasy focused, with a prevalent romance subplot throughout the entire series, which spans five books(and counting). With a rating of 4.20/5 stars on Goodreads, ACOTAR is the perfect series if you are looking to begin reading fantasy novels. If you are looking to be thrown into a world of magic, deceit, and true love, this series is for you. 

4. The Silent Patient- Thriller 

the silent patient

The Silent Patient is a thriller/ mystery novel written by Alex Michaelides. This novel follows a woman named Alicia Berenson, who seemingly lives a perfect life working as a painter and living in a luxurious house with her husband, until one day, her husband Gabriel comes home from work, and Alicia shoots him in the head five times. After this incident, Alicia refuses ever to speak a word again. When a criminal psychotherapist named Theo Faber thinks he has what it takes to get Alicia to talk and reveal why she did what she did, he goes to extreme lengths to ensure he can get the job done. As Theo begins seeing Alicia, he learns more daunting information than he could ever imagine, which leads to many twists and shocking revelations. 

With The Silent Patient being Michaelides’ debut novel, its 4.18/ 5 star rating on Goodreads is insanely impressive. This novel hooks audiences into a suspenseful story that will have people’s jaws dropping. Its short chapters and quick pacing make this book incredibly easy to binge-read. The Silent Patient is an excellent thriller novel that will undoubtedly leave you wanting to read more mysteries. 

3. Daisy Jones & The Six – Literary Fiction

daisy jones and the six 

Daisy Jones & The Six is a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid that follows the fictional band Daisy Jones & The Six. Set in the 1970s, this book is loosely based on the real-life band Fleetwood Mac and is written entirely in interview transcripts. An interviewer sits down with all of the Daisy Jones & The Six members and asks them to explain their rise to fame and how they all met. Throughout this book, readers get to see all of the interesting character dynamics emerge, such as the relationship between Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne, who are the lead singers and songwriters of the band. The novel talks about the Hollywood scene in the early 70s and how the rock and roll lifestyle can affect a person positively and negatively. This book was a massive success amongst its readers, so much so that it was adapted into a television show by Prime Video, released in March of 2023. 

Similarly to the novel, the television show performed very well and was well-loved by critics and audiences. The series brought the novel’s music and characters to real life, and its impact was so prevalent that the show even managed to snag nine Emmy nominations for the upcoming awards show. Daisy Jones & The Six is an excellent novel for readers interested in music and looking for a book they can see come to life on screen.

2. Shatter Me – Dystopian 

shatter me

Shatter Me is the first novel in the Shatter Me series written by Tahereh Mafi. This dystopian series follows a girl named Juliette, who has a fatal touch. Anyone who touches Juliette ends up dead, and she has no idea why. Set in a post-war world, Juliette is taken into custody by The Reestablishment, the leaders of North America. The Reestablishment has locked Juliette up because they believe she is dangerous, but some people believe there is more to her than meets the eye. The more time Juliette spends locked up, the more she realizes something is wrong. She feels lonely and trapped, with no one allowed to touch her and the lack of human contact deeply affecting her emotions, but she is a fighter and will not back down from letting the Reestablishment take control over her. This novel only begins to tell the story of what is to come from this series, but it is a great beginning and takes readers on a true rollercoaster ride. 

Shatter Me’s short chapters and quick pace writing make this novel an extremely fast read that you will not want to put down. Although this novel’s writing is geared more toward a young adult audience, many quotes and lessons from this book can be read and understood by all ages, making this series so special. The Shatter Me series consists of 6 novels and three novellas (shorter books), so this is a great series to get into if you are interested in diving into a fast-paced dystopian world with a heavy romance subplot. 

1. Better Than The Movies – Young Adult Romance 

better than the movies

Better Than The Movies is a standalone young adult romance novel by Lynn Painter. In this “rom-com about rom-coms”, the main character Liz Buxbaum strikes up a deal with her annoying next-door neighbor, Wes Bennett, in an attempt to help Liz get noticed by her longtime crush, Michael. Liz and Wes agree to spend time together, hoping that Wes can teach Liz how to be cool around Michael and get the courage to talk to him. In doing so, the rival next-door neighbors spend a lot of time around each other and realize that they get along quite well. Liz grows quite fond of Wes, which has her rethinking everything. Growing up, Liz had this fairytale-esque idea of love, love that is in all of the rom-coms and is loud and proud. As she spends more time with Wes, Liz begins to rethink love and what exactly it means to her. She realizes it’s okay for love to look different from the movies and that true love can stem from places you would least expect it. 

With a 4.30/ 5 star rating on Goodreads, Better Than The Movies is a perfect book for teenagers interested in reading a fun and lighthearted love story. One unique aspect of this novel is that each chapter opens up with a quote from an iconic rom-com, such as Notting Hill and 10 Things I Hate About You. This book is an excellent introduction to the world of rom-com media and is genuinely such a witty and entertaining read. 

Make sure to check out your local Barnes and Noble or go to Amazon to get a physical copy of these books! 

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