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Horror Movie “Slotherhouse” Introduces Wild Killer Sloth Concept


Horror Movie "Slotherhouse" Introduces Wild Killer Sloth Concept

Films have taught us that Greek life is rife with party animals. But what happens when a sorority has animals of the three-toed variety? (We’re not referring to Becky with the web-foot problem that she’s supposedly going to fix once she can access her trust fund.) Later this month, independent film distribution company Gravitas Ventures will release Slotherhouse. Bradley Fowler wrote this script, based on a story penned by Fowler and Cady Lanigan, and behind the camera is director Matthew Goodhue.

What Do We Know?

It’s a horror comedy with a sloth villain who moves fast and kills faster. Normally it’s easy to outrun a sloth, and even a writer who may be recovering from hip surgery and waiting out the WGA strike in bed, could outpace this lethargic, though frequently misunderstood animal. But this sloth isn’t a typical, gentle bradypus pygmaeus; it’s the bloodthirsty variety that taunts vapid women.

The story is as follows: a sorority sister, Emily Young (Lisa Ambalavanar) adopts a sloth named Alpha, so she can win the esteemed title of president of her sorority. Her plan works and things are humming along until the bodies start piling up – not to be confused with the usual run-of-the-mill student corpses that accumulate after a college’s Rush week. Moreover, with no clear culprit for the murders, in classic mean-girl fashion, the sorority sisters blame the ugliest member: the sloth. (Freak show Becky must have been kicked out long ago.) 


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What Happens in the Trailer?

A la classic horror tropes, the trailer opens with a bathroom scene. A sorority sister, fresh out of the shower, girds her loins in a towel. Suddenly she hears a rustling sound behind her in the dimly-lit space. Instead of exiting, she unveils the shower curtain to get a better look at her predator. And like a bellboy who comes out of nowhere demanding a tip, Alpha, the sloth, appears before her. The creature wields a pink loofah in one claw – perhaps indirectly hinting the girl didn’t scrub herself well enough. However, in lieu of dispensing some Dove body wash or handing off a deodorant, the sloth violently slashes this bathing beauty with its menacing hook. 

Other notable moments in the trailer include the fantastic line: “In the jungle she’s a beta, but out here she’s an Alpha.” And other takeaways are the styling of the sloth – it’s easy to glean that most of the film’s budget went to its coif because the sloth’s long strands of hair look immaculate in a tasteful mullet. Moreover, it has a long beard like ZZ Top, which Gen Zs will most likely appropriate.

Final Thoughts

No details have been given about what’s driving this sloth to act out in such frenzy and not be the beta sloths were born to be. Some could theorize that because the sorority dumb dumb forgot to feed it, the poor jungle dweller is just looking for some nourishment in the form of human flesh. Those who have been left alone hangry in a big house with a bunch of sorority sisters will relate to this concept.

Finally, after the commercial success of films like Cocaine Bear, Hollywood is capitalizing on crazed animal films, albeit this sloth doesn’t seem to be under the influence of nose candy. *As of this publication, PETA has not protested the use of a sloth actor in the film and has not returned our request for comment.

Slotherhouse and all of its madness will be released on August 30th. 


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